Importance of VoIP Traffic in Wholesale VoIP Business

VoIP Traffic is an important component of Wholesale VoIP Business. It is also sensitive to latency, jitters and packet loss. Hence it is crucial to ensure the network capability for handling it. VoIP Traffic is something that one would have to deal with when in a VoIP business. VoIP or Voice over internet protocol is the …
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Importance of Firewall in VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone System constitutes an important part of the VoIP business. Firewall is an integral part of security. Usually known as the first line of defense, firewalls help prevent many cyber threats which if executed would have caused much damage to one’s computer and subsequently the VoIP Phone System.   VoIP phone system is a …
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ITW 2017

Security Measures For VoIP Business Components

VoIP Business is a profitable sector. Security for this business is important due to the fact that most of its transactions are through online. Apart from general security, one should also pay attention to the several components of this business. The security is complete only when every component of a VoIP business is equally secured …
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