5 Benefits of Hosted VoIP Business Packages

Hosted VoIP Business

Hosted VoIP Business is one of the most popular VoIP Business. It falls into the retail VoIP Business category. This VoIP business offers one the chance to start their own VoIP business in the easiest way possible.

VoIP Business is a vast field and it has many forms. The rapid increase in demand for service is the main reason behind the need for service providers. This is what has created the opportunity for people to start their own VoIP Business.

Contrary to the service charges of the traditional telecommunication forms, VoIP Technology offers a much cheaper alternative. Utilising the internet protocol, VoIP Technology facilitates the transmission of voice, media, and files and so on all over the internet.

The transmission of voice and files over the internet is faster and also costs negligible. And for the user, the basic requirement is a good internet connection. Therefore due to all these users prefer VoIP over other methods.


What is Hosted VoIP Business?

VoIP business is mainly divided into 2 sections. They are Retail VoIP and Wholesale VoIP. The Wholesale section of the VoIP industry deals in bulk route transaction between careers, service providers and so on.

Retail VoIP business, on the other hand, can be a B2B or a B2C business model depending on the business chosen. Here the businessman can offer services to customers directly or to sub-resellers for further selling.

Hosted VoIP business is where the hardware and PBX are hosted at an off-site location away from where the VoIP service is used.  This VoIP is also at times referred to as Cloud PBX because it allows the business to use the service through a web portal.

Hosted VoIP Service is suitable for small or medium-sized businesses. As Hosted VoIP Provider manages everything behind the screen, clients or customers, on the other hand, do not require to purchase anything other than IP Phones.


Requirements for Hosted VoIP

Every VoIP business is different. Although as this business is online-based the basic requirement of a good and stable internet connection is common for all. It is only the components that vary from one type of VoIP business to the other.

The main requirements for a Hosted VoIP Business are Softswitch, VoIP Server and Mobile Dialer. Softswitch helps to manage the business. Call management, billing and monitoring are some of its prominent functions.

Mobile Dialer is the application or the app which enables VoIP Calling from the user’s phone. PC Dialers are those VoIP Dialers that one can operate from it from pc.  The VoIP Server is the part of the VoIP phone system which helps in data processing and also answers the incoming requests of the clients.

To know more about how to start white-label hosted VoIP check here: How to Start a VoIP Business with Your Own Brand Name


How to start a Hosted VoIP Business

It is easy to start a Hosted VoIP Business with the help of an already established VoIP Service Provider. Starting from scratch has a long list of necessary things. The investment amount is high, a properly skilled team is required for software development. Even after that, the chances of error are also quite high if anyone is trying this for the first time.

Use of White-label service for Hosted VoIP Business is the best way to start. In this, the service provider with tried and tested software sells the entire set-up or the main components of the Hosted VoIP to the businessman.

Thereafter with the option of customisation, one can put up their own brand name, logo, change the user interface and give it the desired look.

Here are the 5 steps to start a Hosted VoIP business:

  1. Find a reliable VoIP Service Provider
  2. Know your requirements and look for the components.
  3. Check payment options and sign-up
  4. Make customisations
  5. Add routes and customers


5 Benefits of Hosted VoIP Packages

There are many service providers who offer complete packages to set up hosted VoIP business. These packages contain all the necessary components and make it easy to start the business. Price of the packages however vary and usually depend on the number of concurrent calls that one opts for.


 All-in-one solution

The best thing about Hosted VoIP Service package is that they include all the essential components in one place. This components have undergone various test and are ready to use. And hence in terms of quality, they are adequate.

All-in-one solution for hosted VoIP eliminates the need to look for the components separately. This in turn also saves time and money. Often time’s compatibility is a big factor. Package deals also ensure that the components are perfectly compatible with each other.



Hosted VoIP Service packages are cost-effective. It is usually seen that while purchasing each component separately, the total cost is quite high as compared to the package deals. Plus the issue of compatibility remains. Components from a certain provider may not suit the components from another one. Hence, it is also a safe side to choose from a single vendor.

Comparing services from different service providers will also show you that the service rates vary and the product packages help to solve the matter better.

Usually, service providers charge the package on the basis of the concurrent call (CC) capacity of the business. The prices are low for less CC capacity and go up with the increase in CC requirement.


Easy management

Wanting to start the Hosted business from scratch requires expertise and also good amount of investment. Even after all this the chances of error in the various domain still remain. And to add to this, any fault in the service after the customers start to use it may lead to a bad reputation.

With everything in one place, it is also easier to manage. Hosted VoIP Packages include Softswitch, which is the most important part of any VoIP business.

To operate the Softswitch and also manage the business, many service providers offer dedicated managers. This is a big help to businesses who are beginners in the VoIP business and hence are inexperienced.


Additional Components

Packages include a various set of components. And this combination varies from one service provider to others. The main parts which a service provider must include are Softswitch, mobile dialer.

Apart from the basic requirements of mobile dialer and Softswitch, some service providers may also include some extra features or components in the Hosted VoIP business package.

For example, tunnelling software. The function of the tunnelling software is to bypass VoIP blockages. In addition to that, it also reduces the bandwidth consumption in a VoIP call. This, in turn, helps the caller to make VoIP Calls even in low network connectivity.

And therefore keeping in mind the benefits of the tunnelling software, any hosted VoIP package including this software will offer the additional benefit of reaching areas with poor network connectivity. And in addition to that, it will also help in maintaining good call quality by consuming fewer data.



In addition to the service or the products, service providers also offer after-support. And therefore one can take the help of the VoIP Provider if any issues come up. In Hosted VoIP Service or any other VoIP Service as well, support plays a very important role.

With Hosted VoIP service packages, support is always available. Further with package deals for any queries regarding any component, call to a single service provider is the solution to all.


INAANI Hosted VoIP Service

Singapore based international VoIP service Provider INAANI offers both retail and Wholesale VoIP Services. Hosted VoIP service from INAANI is available in packages. The basic package contains Softswitch, mobile dialer and a tunnelling software.

In addition to the basic elements included in the package, INAANI Hosted VoIP Service includes many other points as well. Customisation, data back-up, voice routes, MTU routes and 24×7 support are some of its prominent features.

To know more about INAANI Hosted VoIP Service check here.


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