5 Easy Steps to Sell VoIP Route

VoIP Route

VoIP Route

VoIP Route or A-Z Routes are one of the most important parts of the VoIP industry. In fact, it is that part around which leads to the formation of the wholesale VoIP business.

Buying, selling and exchange of Wholesale A-Z Routes form the Wholesale VoIP Termination business. To get in-depth knowledge on VoIP Routes check here: Important Facts about VoIP Routes

In Telecommunication, routing is the process of path selection for the network traffic or traffic between or across multiple networks. Different networks are separate from each other. These networks also have separate gateways or compatible routers capable of routing.

It is in the routers that packets arrive and forwarded from one router to another via the internet. This process continues until the packet reaches its destination.

The VoIP routes are similar to the traditional telecom routes in their concept and function. However, these routes are exclusive to the VoIP communication system while functioning in the same way.

In VoIP Technology the conversion of audio signals into data packets takes place. And these data packets travel over the Internet over VoIP routes, which essentially lets the VoIP call bypass the traditional telephone routes.


VoIP Business

The user-centric and user-friendly features of VoIP Technology is the main reason behind the increasing demand for this service. Eventually, this demand, in turn, has led to the formation of the multiple businesses around this technology. VoIP Industry today stands as a multi-billion dollar industry spread all across the world.

The profitable aspect of VoIP business attracts people of every type. Starting from entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businessmen to bigger companies who want to extend their reach into the VoIP sector. Anyone interested can get into VoIP Business.

The main difference between starting a VoIP Business and any other businesses is the business requirement part. As VoIP Business is mainly online based, it has minimal requirements. Further, there are no requirements for any heave machinery or infrastructure.

The basic requirement to start a VoIP Business is a stable internet connection and a device like a smartphone or a laptop or PC to manage the business. In addition to the minimal requirements, the amount of investment needed to start a VoIP business is also very less.


Wholesale VoIP

Wholesale VoIP and retail VoIP are the prime segments of VoIP Business. While both of these businesses are easy to start, Wholesale VoIP requires a bit more experience and understanding of VoIP business. Nevertheless, both retail and wholesale VoIP businesses are profitable.

VoIP Wholesale business is centred on the transaction of VoIP Routes. To terminate VoIP calls, it is necessary to route the VoIP Traffic. And here comes the part of buying, selling and even exchanging routes of different countries, all to achieve the goal of VoIP Call termination.

The requirements for a Wholesale VoIP Business are similar to the retail section. The only difference is in the amount of investment. The Wholesale Segment requires a bit more capital than the retail one.

To begin a Wholesale VoIP Business it is advisable to get in touch with a reputed VoIP Service provider offering wholesale Services. Rather than starting from scratch, these service providers can help to establish the business at a nominal cost.

Opting for service providers will also have the additional benefit of round the clock support and dedicated assistance. To know more about Wholesale VoIP Business check here: Wholesale VoIP Termination details to Help You Get Started


5 steps to sell VoIP Route

Selling VoIP Route is one part of the VoIP Wholesale Business. Here if you have VoIP route of a certain or multiple destinations, selling the routes to a prospective buyer will result in a fruitful transaction. The route rates are usually decided through negotiations.


Here are 5 steps you need to follow to sell your VoIP Routes:


Step 1: Register Online and Login

After selecting the VoIP Service Provider this is the first step to follow. It is necessary to make an account or register yourself with details such as name, email id, contact number, account number (if asked by the service provider) and so on. After you register yourself, the account creation process is complete and you can log in with your password.


Step 2: Offer Your Routes

Thereafter comes the second step. Once you log in, you can see the options available. For selling VoIP Routes, you need to offer your routes. Also along with this, if the service provider mentions then you need to fill the details about your routes.


Step 3: Routes Check and Confirmation

Validation is an important step for both parties. This prevents any miscalculation or issues from arising in future. After you offer the routes, the system checks them thoroughly and confirms the details. Successful confirmation result will lead you to the next step.


Step 4: Start Commercial Traffic

When route validation and confirmation is complete and successful you can start commercial traffic. Starting commercial traffic will bring in more transaction. And with more transaction, the profit generation will also increase alongside.


Step 5: Withdraw Payment Anytime 

The last but the most important part of selling VoIP Route is when you receive the payment. Secure payment modes are a must. Traditional wholesale payment follows the monthly billing cycle. However, to make it easier for the businesses, VoIP Service Providers now offer Instant Payment Solutions.


Instant wholesale Service

In traditional Wholesale VoIP, the payment follows a fixed monthly billing cycle. In the fixed cycle, one can withdraw payment only after a certain date and not before. This results in some problems for the route seller. To know more about the problems in Wholesale VoIP business check here: 5 Common problems & Solutions for the Wholesale VoIP Providers

However, with time the VoIP Providers presented an innovative solution to this issue. That is Instant Payment. The Instant Wholesale Service that some VoIP Providers offer is where the payment process is immediate with no fixed monthly billing cycle to follow.

The benefits that Instant Wholesale Service offers are many. Firstly the process requires no complicated paperwork. It is simple. Secondly, it is fast. With no paperwork to cause delay and everything confirmed digitally, the process is faster than others. Thirdly, after successful route transaction, one can withdraw payment immediately without further delay.

To know more about Instant Service check here: Instant Wholesale- An Innovation for Wholesale VoIP Providers


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