5 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Hacking in VoIP Business

VoIP business is highly profitable. Due to this, VoIP hacking is also on rise. It is necessary to prevent hacking and secure the business at its earliest to prevent losses


VoIp Business


VoIP business at a global scale generates huge amount of revenue annually. Each year, the amount of revenue increases as more people start to prefer VoIP to other methods of telecommunications. VoIP business thus experiences a drastic increase in its demand. While on the other hand, with the increase in demand for VoIP, the hackers are active more than ever. Any flaw in the security measures or any small mistake paves the way for the hackers to hack into any VoIP business and may cause severe loses.

VoIP Hacking

Cyber threat is one of the major concerns for any online business. Internet is a foremost requirement of the VoIP technology. Similarly, VoIP business too uses internet for all its transactions. Therefore, it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hackers according to many reports mainly want the data which contains the financial details of the VoIP business. VoIP hacking is the attempt to gain access and control illegally over an IP telephone system. At times hackers use the phone system to make obscure international calls. It is the VoIP Service Provider who has to face the charges for these calls.

However, if the hacking is successful it can cause huge lose to the VoIP business. Calls from unknown numbers, high amount of calls made at odd hours like weekends and night, auto activation of microphones and webcams and unnaturally high bills are some of the common indicators of hacking. You can check about some other common mistakes to avoid in VoIP business here: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in VoIP Business


Ways to Prevent VoIP Hacking

VoIP Service Providers need to be alert and check their business details frequently. It is better to take preventive measures beforehand and ensure the safety of one’s business.

Here are some ways in which one can keep their VoIP business safe from hacking:

  1. Securing the Network

Most broadband routers have inbuilt firewall. Firewall is the first layer of security. Therefore proper configuration is necessary to prevent hacking. For SIP Services there has to be a provision for incoming calls. Customization of the firewall will allow incoming calls from a specific service provider and not any random one.

  1. Strong PIN & Password

To protect the VoIP business from hackers one should change the default pin as soon as possible. Also it is better to reset pins on a regular basis. Similarly for passwords, the more the strength of password, the better. A strong password is best for accessing network and other business panels. Default pin and easy to guess passwords make the VoIP system vulnerable. 2-factor authentication is also a good way to secure the VoIP business from hacking.

  1. Encryption

Leaving a VoIP business without any cover is simply an invitation to hackers. Unencrypted business data is vulnerable. One can use VPN or Virtual Private Network to encrypt and secure the connections. A VPN acts as a tunnel to filter through only the secure information which has encryption. The encryption of voice conversation keeps the financial and personal information safe.

  1. Constant Monitoring

Being vigilant and detection of the anomalies at the right time can help prevent VoIP hacking. One can review all business records for any unusual activity and discard voice mailboxes which are not in use. Constant lookout will bring the differences in business record to one’s notice. Also it is necessary to keep all the software and antivirus of your system up to date with the latest version. This helps to protect the system further.

  1. Team Effort

VoIP business and corporate sectors which use VoIP technology can face huge loses if one of the team mates or employee fails to imply proper security protocols. Security breach from a single point can spread fast. The team mates and employees should be aware of all the security measures and follow them thoroughly. Also subordinates should report to the authorities immediately if any abnormality comes to notice.

Hackers are ever watchful and wait for even the smallest opportunity. Being a little alert can save a lot of trouble. But if hacking takes place then you should have a backup plan or a response plan to stop the hacking at its initial stages. It is up to you to secure your VoIP business well in time and continue generating profits.

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