10 Tips to Avoid VoIP Fraud Companies in VoIP Business

VoIP Business is growing rapidly. And with its rapid growth arises the problem of VoIP Frauds. And it is only through careful analysis and selection of a genuine VoIP Service Provider which would remove chances of VoIP fraud.

VoIP Business

VoIP business is one of the top sought after businesses at present. This business is easy to start and also easily manageable. And most importantly it requires minimal infrastructure and further maintenance. With the whole world starting to take up VoIP, the demand for the service has increased drastically. And therefore, as a result, there are numerous VoIP Service Providers all over the world who offer their services internationally.

This revolutionised form of telecommunication has changed the world in a big way. VoIP Technology which uses the internet for all its functionalities like for calling purposes is a big help not only to individuals but also to big organisations and corporations. Implementation of VoIP Technology is therefore seen in several places. To know more about the usefulness of VoIP Technology for businesses check here.

But along with the increasing popularity of VoIP, there arises a problem. That is the problem of VoIP Fraud. With the number of service providers increasing rapidly, the scammers who want to make easy money are also growing. They disguise themselves as service providers offering huge discounts and such similar offers to lure clients. And after the clients make the payment, these fraud providers disappear without a trace. And it is the businessmen who have to face the problems. As VoIP is solely online based business, many find justifying real or fake tough.


Here are some tips on how to avoid fraud VoIP Providers


Website Verification

A website is the virtual office of a VoIP company. Collect information and choose your manager from the respective company’s official website.


 Company Location

If your desired VoIP service provider has a real presence with a location, count it as an added benefit. But as VoIP Business is online-based, most of the times companies maintain one head office and deal with all the businesses online.


 Official Email ID

Never trust emails from 3rd party email providers, representatives of recognized companies will have their own Email ID against the company domain, For example, employeename@inaani.com


 Live Chat

As every focused VoIP companies ensure their online presence 24/7, they always provide Live Chat on the websites. If you found any company unlike this, you can note them as not serious in business, and therefore it would also not be fair enough to put your money and fame at risks.


Official Form

Here official from also means the appropriate etiquette like maintaining everything official. For example, if company representative fails to catch you online, there should be a form where you can drop your queries with a contact number so that the service provider can reach later. However, reputed companies will also maintain each and every document written for avoiding any disruption in future.

VoIP Business

Do not trust Advertisement only

As online advertisements cost a very few, it shouldn’t be wise to trust any company just overseeing online. Another secret of this type of ad is anyone can track you easily with a single click on their advertisement or visiting their site once in a lifetime.


Try the Demo

Every recognized VoIP service provider let their visitors have a Demo version before buy. It is one of the most important factors to choose the best provider. Nevertheless, it also differentiates recognized from the fraud.


Abnormal Rate

When it is about business, you should check the pricing of different companies before going for the deal. This is for the rate plan that is different from each other, but abnormally low or high rates prove that something is out of order there.


Expert Advice

An experienced VoIP business person would always have more knowledge than start-ups. Advice from such an experienced would undoubtedly guide more to help you in business and to prevent initial losses.


Start with the Industry leader

An opting reputed company first will safeguard your money and business; finally, this is the golden rule of VoIP business industry. As there are many new and local businesses, you may be a victim of fraud here anytime, but the reputed ones have already proven their trust and have a large base of customers.


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