How to Become a VoIP Wholesale Routes Provider

VoIP Wholesale Routes Provider deals in VoIP Route transactions. With the rapid expansion of VoIP industry, the VoIP Route Provider business is profitable

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VoIP Wholesale Routes is a profitable sector in VoIP business. VoIP industry has seen many developments since the beginning of its journey two decades ago. VoIP is now used in by millions of people around the world. People prefer it over the traditional telephonic system. Surpassing the residential usages, VoIP has seen major commercial success as well. Corporate and various other business sectors use VoIP to save huge cost. VoIP technology is readily available, easy to use and also saves huge telecommunication costs.


VoIP Wholesale, VoIP Route, and VoIP Route Provider

There is a rising demand for the VoIP Service Providers as the VoIP usage increases. An end user can avail the VoIP Services from these Service Providers. The VoIP Service providers also provide a business opportunity. Young entrepreneurs or other small companies can invest in the VoIP industry.

VoIP Wholesale in VoIP industry refers to the bulk transactions of VoIP Routes. Transmission of VoIP Routes takes place in form of data packets. In VoIP industry, A2Z VoIP Routes are available. To connect the VoIP calls, VoIP terminators carry the routes from the call source to the call destination. For this task, there are various VoIP terminators and VoIP Wholesale Route Provider in between. VoIP Route Providers buy or sell this routes from various VoIP Service providers who deal in VoIP Wholesale Route.


How does the VoIP Route business work?

As VoIP industry is still developing and expanding. There are places in this industry where people can invest and start their business. A business with VoIP Wholesale Routes can bring some major profit.

There are various rates for the VoIP Routes. VoIP rates differ with the Service Provider. Route rate also varies according to the destination. In the VoIP industry, Wholesale A2Z Routes are available. Service providers set a nominal rate for this routes. The route service providers buy and sell these routes after keeping a profit for themselves.

To pass a VoIP Call from its origin to its destination, many carriers come into play in between. Multiple VoIP terminators carry the VoIP Routes according to negotiations. A thorough market survey is necessary. Also, you need to compare the route rates available before opting for a specific service provider.


How to Start VoIP Route Business?

Starting your journey as a VoIP Wholesale Route Provider is not a big deal. But before you jump at anything you need to have a clear idea about the VoIP industry and how it works. At times there are some unclear clauses which create a problem at a later stage in business. You need to make sure that while dealing with service providers you understand the negotiations clearly.

5 steps to start your VoIP Route business:

  1. Contact an established VoIP Service Provider
  2. Check the switch and the terms and conditions present
  3. Check the route quality and its rates and negotiate if required
  4. Make the payment via secured options
  5. Start route transactions


Here are some simple tips which will help you further:

  • Switch

Short for Softswitch, Switch is one of the foremost requirement for a VoIP Route Provider. A VoIP Route Provider needs a switch to buy or sell VoIP Routes. You can own a switch in 2 ways. Firstly, buying the switch completely. Secondly, renting the switch on a monthly basis, like INAANI’s hosting package includes Softswitch, dialer, and Byte Saver.


  • Search for a reliable VoIP Service Provider

Advertisements make the deals look tempting. But be careful. The VoIP frauds are just waiting there to catch you if you miss a step. Go for the established VoIP Companies which has already proved itself.


  • Compare the rates

In the competitive VoIP market, VoIP Service providers try their best to get more and more clients. So while they tend to provide low rates, they compromise on the quality.


INAANI Wholesale VoIP

Global VoIP service provider, INAANI has been in the VoIP Industry for more than 10 years. INAANI has ties with over 800+ Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies. Some notable names among them are SingTel, Tata, Bharti, Telkom Malaysia, Deutsche Telekom, BICS, Verizon and much more. This enables INAANI to provide routes for all destinations across the world and also ensures the superior quality of its routes. Becoming a wholesale route provider with INAANI ensures you routes of high quality and best rates. INAANI provides a dedicated account manager. Flexible payment facilities are also available for the smooth functioning of your VoIP business. For any further queries, a 24X7 support team is there to provide assistance.

VoIP Wholesale Routes business is on rising. This sector has proved itself to be profitable. In today’s world, international calls are frequently done and they, therefore, opt for VoIP. This has given way to the people looking to invest in this sector. The VoIP trends show that the industry is young and still there are much rooms for further developments.

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