How to Select the Best Softswitch for your VoIP Business

Best Softswitch for your VoIP Business

Selecting the best Softswitch for your VoIP business always seems like a tough job. But if you know where to look and what things you need, then it becomes very easy. Softswitch is commonly referred to as the backbone of VoIP Business. This is because Softswitch plays a major role in the management of a VoIP business. This software manages all IP-to-IP Calls and helps to deliver VoIP services to end-users.

The VoIP Switch or Softswitch helps to control calls and process media. This includes both the TDM network (Time Division Multiplex) infrastructure as well as IP network infrastructure and a combination of both.

The Softswitch software is a crucial part of any VoIP Solution and manages almost everything in a VoIP system. The popularity of Softswitch is increasing as the VoIP industry continues to grow. A major component of the VoIP technology, Softswitch also acts as a VoIP server.

The success of the business is dependent on the smooth functioning of the Softswitch. And therefore, it is imperative to get a good quality Softswitch. There is a constant addition of functions and new features to Softswitch. The feature server is built into a switch which provides all call-related features.

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Types of Softswitch

There 2 types of Softswitch as mentioned below:

  • Class 4 Softswitch: They transit VoIP traffic between carriers and a large volume of VoIP calls. Some of its most important characteristics are protocol support and conversion, transcoding, calls per second rate, an average time of one call routing and number of concurrent calls.
  • Class 5 Softswitch: Usually, businesses and organizations use this Softswitch. As the region is small, these Softswitch can route calls within cities, organizations, states or small countries at max. This type of Softswitch also caters to end-users. Most of their clients include Call centre services, Calling card platform, Business groups and others.


How to get the best Softswitch for your VoIP Business

At present, there are numerous Softswitch vendors who claim to offer the best Softswitch for your VoIP business. But you need to choose the Softswitch according to your business requirements. Also, there are certain things to look out for while selecting the best Softswitch.

5 points which will help you to select the best Softswitch for your VoIP Business:


Get a genuine VoIP Provider

The first step is to make sure that the service provider you are selecting is genuine. With the drastic increase in the number of VoIP Frauds, it is very important to authenticate the company from which you are going to buy the Softswitch.

Do background checks, read up about the company, also look for reviews on social media and registered forums. All this will help you weed out any company that does not seem right. There are many people who get caught in the low price advertisements and end up losing money because the fraud companies disappear soon as they get the money.

Therefore, wait and check thoroughly. For these reasons, it is better to opt for VoIP Service Providers who are well established and has been in the industry long enough.


Check Ownership Type

There are 2 types of Softswitch ownership in VoIP Business. While selecting the best Softswitch for your business, you need to decide what type of ownership you want.

  • Buying a Softswitch. In this type, it is bought completely and used by the client accordingly.
  • Renting a Softswitch. It is ownership on a per month rental basis. This is easier for small businessman and VoIP business start-ups who do not need a huge amount of cash to buy it. Thereafter, the support team looks after the maintenance, which is an additional benefit.


Accessibility, Scalability, Reliability

To ensure that you get the best Softswitch for your VoIP Business, you need to look for the important 3. That is accessibility, scalability and reliability.

Softswitch does not require any setup like the hardware switch or any other heavy and complicated infrastructure. It is very easy to setup. In fact, the service provider from whom you are taking the Softswitch will do all the necessary setups.

Softswitch solution can be scaled up very easily and quickly. This supports the growing business needs. As the business grows, one can increase the Softswitch capacity. With increased capacity, the Softswitch will support more ongoing calls per second.

In terms of reliability, some Softswitch solution offers failover and recovery as well as backup features. These features help the system to function at its maximum potential along with overcoming all barriers.


Integrated Billing Facility 

Many VoIP Providers sell Softswitch and billing software separately. This creates an additional burden resulting in extra expense and compatibility issues. In addition to this, if the compatibility issue causes bad user experience then it leads to a loss in business.

Therefore it is necessary to make sure that the Softswitch you choose has integrated billing facility. The best Softswitch for your VoIP business will be the one who has this integrated billing function and therefore eliminate all other complications.


Management Panel

The final point that will help you select that best Softswitch for your VoIP Business is the Management Panel. User Management Panel in Softswitch helps to manage the user’s activities. User here refers to subscribers, resellers, agents and sub-resellers. User-friendly portals are easy to operate. From these panels, one can create unlimited end-user accounts and also manage their payments.

A well-built management portal offers several functions altogether. End users can recharge easily through this portal. The panel helps to keep the business organised and therefore results in better collaboration among different user levels.

Therefore make sure your VoIP Service Provider offers you all these latest features in Softswitch which will make managing your business not only easier but also generate good profit.


Some Important Features of Softswitch

The best Softswitch for your business needs to include all the latest features. So that it can boost your business and keep you ahead of the others.

Here are some important features:

Higher scalability: Softswitch can be easily scaled both up and down. It is capable of expanding with the growth of your company or business. In addition to this, upgrades are easily available and can be implemented by simply downloading new software.

Cost-Efficient: Latest generation VoIP Softswitch exists in software form. And therefore less hardware is necessary. This, in turn, saves both money and space. Any expansions or upgrades only involve the latest version or new software and not the whole new product. Softswitch is also more affordable than other traditional switches.

Flexibility: Softswitch allows a more customized and flexible system. Remote installation is possible with Softswitch. The flexibility feature makes the Softswitch an ideal solution for all kinds of businesses and organizations. Physical presence in the office is not necessary to take any action related to the Softswitch.

Billing and Routing: The billing function in Softswitch saves the trouble and time required for billing manually. Also, Softswitch can route all types of incoming calls like IP, cable, copper, etc.


iTel Switch  

High-grade Class 4 Softswitch offered by Singapore based VoIP Provider INAANI is versatile enough to perform all functions that a VoIP Service Provider needs to provide. Intelligent call management, automated integrated billing and monitoring, easy user interface, stability, exceptional routing facility and many latest features are all included in the Softswitch of INAANI.

To make things better, this Softswitch is available as a package deal with INAANI Hosted VoIP Service. Along with the Softswitch, Inaani offers Mobile Dialer and Tunnelling software as a part of the package.

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