7 Ways To Boost Profit In Reseller VoIP Business

Reseller VoIP Business

7 ways to boost profit in Reseller VoIP Business


Reseller VoIP Business is easy to start and generates good profits in a relatively short span of time. Good management with some skillful tactics can add to the profit growth.

Reseller VoIP Business involves the buying and selling of VoIP Services. A VoIP reseller buys VoIP services from an established or high-end VoIP service provider. He sells it further to the end users or the consumers and other child resellers. Reseller is the link between the main VoIP Service Provider and the end users. The profit in this business generates from the difference in the buying and the selling prices of the VoIP Services. Among all the other VoIP business, Reseller VoIP is the one which requires the minimal capital amount. There are reliable VoIP Providers who offer Reseller VoIP services staring from as low as $100. The small amount of investment also makes this business a risk free one.

Not only easy to start, but Reseller VoIP business also generates good profit with time. Good management always helps a business to grow. But there are also some other points which add to the profit generation in this business. To know more on how to start a VoIP Service Provider: How To Start Your Reseller VoIP Business


7 Ways to Boost Profit Generation

Here are some of the ways which can help generate profits for your Reseller VoIP business:


  1. Billing process:

1/1 billing is better than a 60/60.

Explaining it clearly, when a VoIP Reseller obtains the VoIP Services from Service Provider, per second plan is better than per minute plan. In per minute plan even if the call exceeds by a second’s margin, it counts as the next whole minute.

For example, a 3 minutes 5 seconds call according to the per minute plan stands as a 4 minutes call. Thereby causing you to pay more. But on the other hand opting for per second plan saves you from paying for all the extra seconds. Because in per second plan the billing counts only the seconds and full minutes for which the call takes place. Therefore in this case, the billing according to per second plan will be only for 3 minutes and 5 seconds and not more.

This per second billing is of huge help when the call destination is costly. As the calls costs are much, the profit margin for this places also increases. For example: the Middle East region, Africa, Nepal etc.

For the consumers the call rates are always per minute. Therefore the marginal difference in cost price and selling price helps to gain more profits.


  1. Avoid intermediates & Build Reputation:

It is necessary to select authentic service providers for any VoIP business. It is best to approach the VoIP Providers directly without any intermediates in between. Before joining the VoIP industry get a basic knowledge of the VoIP business and the industry as well. A market survey will give an overview of the VoIP industry. Further it will help to weed out the VoIP frauds as well. Established VoIP Providers ensure good quality of VoIP Services. They also help the business to progress rapidly. Many attractive offers and multiple options are available with the top providers.

Not only for the smooth functioning of the business, but selecting an established provider will also give an upper hand in building the reputation in VoIP industry. The association with a trusted VoIP Provider helps to gain exposure. Thereby resulting in increase in clients including both end users and child resellers.


  1. Detect hidden tax:

There are many VoIP Providers who advertise half of the actual prices excluding taxes and add later. This causes troubles for Resellers have to pay more money than initial agreement. These VoIP Providers also don’t allow the Resellers to view rate plans and other billing details which are important part of their business. Clarity is thus absent and here the chances of loses and disputes are high.

Therefore to ensure a stable business and to keep a track of all the business dealings transparency is necessary. Established VoIP providers always favour clarity with their clients. With these providers you can view your rate plan, billing and all the other necessary details. Also to add to the point of transparency, these VoIP Providers do not have any hidden charges. These Providers provide exactly what they display in their offers. Therefore, detecting hidden taxes and knowing about your billings clearly will help in profit generation of the Reseller VoIP Business.


  1. Get Dedicated support:

Support is one of the most important requirements when one starts the business. An efficient support team of the Service provider helps to solve all the issues a Reseller faces. It is insufficient if a support is available for 24X7 but is unable to solve client’s problems. Therefore the efficiency of the support team is important for the business.

To make the business grow and earn profits, choose a Service Provider whose customer services are reliable. This will save many hassles in future, enabling one to continue the business without any interruptions.


  1. Provide A-Z Calling service:

The top VoIP Providers have connections with the major telecom operators of multiple countries. This direct connection with the telecom operators enables the VoIP provider to provide high quality services. This also reduces the cost of intermediates in between. Direct connection also ensures better rates for the destination. With the increase in number of intermediates, the call cost also increases simultaneously. But in direct connections the call cost remains standard and helps the reseller to cater to their customers in a better way.

Therefore to gain more profits choose the VoIP Providers with multiple destination countries.


  1. Payment options:

Payment option is a crucial one as it has a major hand in determining your profit.

Sending money through exchange centres are not that helpful. The charges of these exchange centres are high and cuts down the profit.

Major VoIP Providers have bank branches in multiple countries. Thus the reseller have the option of transferring the payment through these banks accounts directly. Direct payment options are easier and more efficient.


  1. Get Multiple dialers:

Multiple mobile dialers help a lot in the smooth functioning of the Reseller VoIP Business. And it eventually results in generating profits. Many dialers work for a specific country or region. Hence multiple dialers help to satisfy all the customers. Multiple dialers also save the day when one dialer malfunctions. It keeps the business on and prevents losses.  Check here to know more about how multiple dialers help to generate more profits: How multiple dialers maximize profit in Reseller VoIP Business ?

Management of the Reseller VoIP business is simple as the VoIP Provider helps in all the major things. Selection of a genuine VoIP Service Provider is hugely important for this business. With all the right components, one can easily get good profits from this business.


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