How To Boost Your Wholesale VoIP Termination Business

Wholesale VoIP Termination supports the VoIP industry from the back end. It does not involve the consumers directly. This works in the B2B model in the VoIP industry. 

 Wholesale VoIP Termination

Wholesale VoIP Termination is one of the most important sections of the VoIP Industry. The VoIP industry which is relatively new shows rapid growth.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The remarkable feature that makes VoIP stand apart is the low-cost telecommunication facility for all.

One can make VoIP Calls to anywhere in the world. The call cost of traditional PSTN is much higher for international destinations.

VoIP technology combines the technology of traditional telephone and internet protocol. The outcome, therefore, is the low-cost global calling facility.


Wholesale VoIP Termination

The part of VoIP Technology for an end-user is the finished product of the VoIP industry. There is a lot of work which goes on at the backend of the industry which helps in the formation of this finished product.

Wholesale VoIP is one such section which helps to connect the VoIP Calls. To connect the VoIP calls, VoIP terminators carry the routes from the call source to the call destination. For this task, there are various VoIP terminators and carriers in between.

Primarily, Wholesale VoIP Termination deals in a transaction of the bulk volume of VoIP Routes. In a Wholesale VoIP Business, Wholesale VoIP Providers can buy or sell VoIP Routes simultaneously.

They can buy the VoIP Routes from one Service Provider and sell it to other Service Providers after keeping a marginal profit for themselves. In every buying or selling the Wholesale VoIP Providers gain profit through the difference in the VoIP Route rates.


Traditional Wholesale VoIP

Wholesale VoIP as we know involves a bulk volume of VoIP Route transaction. To start this business, one needs to contact a reliable and reputed VoIP Service. Reliable because of the growing threat of VoIP frauds.

In this case, a trustworthy VoIP Provider can safeguard one’s investments. And reputed because with years of expertise in the VoIP industry. In addition to this, the VoIP Provider will also be able to provide good quality VoIP Routes for A-Z destinations at the best rates in the VoIP industry.


Issues with Traditional Wholesale


Firstly, the traditional Wholesale VoIP businesses, follow a fixed billing cycle.

This billing cycle can be monthly or any fixed period of time that both parties agreed to while starting their partnership. Payment for all Route transaction takes place on the pre-fixed date. While this has a regular billing cycle to follow, most of the times this creates a problem for the Wholesale VoIP Providers.

For buying Routes, one needs cash. And if the payment date is far away this causes a cash shortage. While big businessman can afford to continue their business without interruption, the small businessmen suffer.

With no cash for Route transaction, their business comes to halt. Either they borrow money or they wait until the payment date to start the Wholesale VoIP business again. Read here to know more about how awaited payments hamper the Wholesale VoIP Business: How Delayed Payment Affects Wholesale VoIP Business!! 


Secondly, traditional Wholesale VoIP involves lots of paperwork and complicated procedures.

One needs to complete the documentation before offering or buying routes and also during payment. These paper works are time to consume. And it accompanies each and every route transaction. Therefore complicating the process further.

Thirdly, the interconnection time. Usually, traditional Wholesale VoIP takes a long time to interconnect. One has to put up a request and then wait till the interconnection is complete. This, in turn, slows down the Wholesale VoIP Business.


The Solution

Thus we can see that there are several issues with the traditional Wholesale VoIP business. Hence there is a need for an alternative or solution for this.

To solve the cash shortage issue, some VoIP Service Providers shorten the billing date. Instead of following a fixed monthly or quarter-monthly cycle, they would provide the payment sooner. This helps to solve the problem up to a certain extent.

To make it better few VoIP Providers presented the facility with Instant Payment for Wholesale VoIP Termination. With Instant Payment facility the waiting period decreases and hence helps the businessmen with a constant supply of cash. In turn, there is no obstruction to the VoIP business and it goes on smoothly.

To deal with the second issue of complicated procedures, VoIP Providers aim to make the Wholesale VoIP Business simpler from every aspect.

  • Firstly, the reduction of lengthy paperwork. With the reduction of the paperwork, the process simplifies to a great extent.
  • Few VoIP Providers also have a fully automated portal for the efficient management of the Wholesale VoIP business. One can offer Routes and control other aspects without requiring any extra assistance.
  • Thirdly, reducing the interconnection time. To lower the interconnection time, VoIP Service Providers need tie-ups with major telecom companies around the world. Therefore, for a low or minimal interconnection time, one needs to choose a Service Provider who is stable in the VoIP industry has connections with the Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecom companies.



Wholesale VoIP Termination is simple and easy to manage. Before-hand knowledge definitely helps. Also one needs to be aware of all the pros and cons of the Wholesale VoIP Business to succeed. You can read more about Wholesale VoIP Business here: 5 Common problems & Solutions for the Wholesale VoIP Providers

As an example of an advanced solution to the Wholesale VoIP Service, IWS from INAANI is the best suited. IWS stands for Instant Wholesale Service. This service offers payment instantly. To manage the VoIP Business in IWS one can get a fully automated user-friendly portal.

And lastly, interconnection with IWS takes minimal time. And hence to keep up in this fast world of the 21st century, one has to speed up their businesses to stand out from the rest. To know more about IWS check here: Instant Wholesale- An innovation for wholesale VoIP providers

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