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How to Start a VoIP Business with Your Own Brand Name

VoIP business is not so tough to start. Owning a VoIP business under one’s own brand name has multiple benefits and helps the business to prosper further.     VoIP business is one of the most profitable businesses in today’s world. Worldwide increase in VoIP usage contributes to the growth of the VoIP industry. VoIP …
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Top 6 Mobile Dialers for Your VoIP Business

Mobile dialers are the tools of VoIP technology. Among the numerous dialers available in the VoIP industry, only the best ones will help your VoIP business to prosper.   Mobile dialers are mobile applications which enable a user to make a VoIP Call. VoIP is a new generation technology which uses the internet for telecommunication …
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Importance of Softswitch in VoIP Business

Softswitch is integral to the VoIP Business. It plays an important part in VoIP call connection. Every VoIP Service provider has their softswitch which helps in smooth functioning of the VoIP business.     Softswitch usually referred to as switch, is the backbone of the VoIP industry. It is a software which handles IP-to-IP calls. …
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