Differences between Reliable & Non-Reliable VoIP Service Providers

voip service providers

VoIP Service Providers  form the main part of the VoIP industry. While consumers enjoy the facilities of VoIP Technology, it is the service providers who make it possible.


VoIP Service Providers are the ones to provide VoIP Services using telecommunication network. This comprises of carriers and carriage service providers who provide the VoIP services to the public as well as for business purposes. Recent telecommunication laws and regulations include VoIP into their jurisdiction. And as a result, VoIP Services and VoIP service Providers as well need to act accordingly. As the demand for VoIP Services increases. The requirement for VoIP Providers also increases alongside. VoIP Service Providers not only provide VoIP Services to individuals or to corporate sectors or various organizations but also create business opportunities.


VoIP Businesses

In VoIP industry, there are chains of VoIP service Providers one after another dealing in various modes of VoIP business. Some VoIP Providers offer their services to consumers directly following the B2C module. This service providers usually deal in Reseller VoIP or the Agent VoIP Business. On the other hand, many VoIP Providers follow the B2B model and provide services accordingly. Both forms of B2B and B2C VoIP businesses are easy to start and are profitable. The only difference is the amount of investment required in each form of business.


VoIP Industry

VoIP industry is growing at a rapid pace. Starting its journey from early 90’s, this industry at present generates billions of USD as its global annual revenue. Retail VoIP and Wholesale VoIP are the two major segments. For any VoIP business, service Provider is one of the basic and important requirements. VoIP industry still maintained a steady growth while in recent years the world economy grew relatively slowly. VoIP industry is highly competitive. Although the Service Providers find the competition tough, the consumers, on the other hand, benefit from this. A large variety of VoIP Providers are available to choose from. Various estimated predict the VoIP market to reach 140 billion USD by the year 2021. And therefore with a huge and ever growing market, more VoIP Service Providers are required constantly.


Qualities to look for in a good VoIP Service Provider

In today’s VoIP Industry, there are numerous VoIP Service Providers. But not all of them are genuine or provide good quality VoIP Services. So the question arises how to understand whether the service provider is good or not. And, to help with that, here are some points which one can find in a good VoIP Service Provider.

  • Quality Service always: Genuine service providers always maintain their quality. If there are any fluctuations or issues a good service provider will solve the issue at the earliest.
  • 24X7 Support: VoIP Service Providers value their client or their business partners and hence a 24×7 support team is necessary. The availability of the support team and the efficiency by which it solves the query is an important point to note.  So if the service provider has that efficient support system, associating with such a provider is worth it.
  • Terms and Conditions: There is a reason as to why agreements are signed by both the parties before the beginning of any partnership. This is because the terms and conditions are the rules that both the parties would follow throughout their transactions. Adhering to the terms and condition is required for both sides. A reliable Service Provider will always maintain the terms and conditions of the service.


Qualities that mark a non-reliable VoIP Provider

In short, genuine and reliable VoIP Service Providers provide what they advertise or promise in their offers. Failing to do so marks as a negative point. Similar to this are some other points too which differentiates the Service Providers.

  • Failure to keep the word: Advertisements are for people to know what a service provider is offering and then decide accordingly. If any service provider deviates from what it has advertised, it is a sign of not keeping its word. And as seen commonly, these service providers are also not reliable in the long run.
  • Quality drops: While the initial quality is fine if a service provider is not mindful, the quality of the service degrades with time. And quality does not only include the quality of the VoIP components and the VoIP Call but also includes the overall experience of the client or the consumer. The efficiency of customer support in solving issues also matter. If the service provider fails to be satisfactory in all these quality related aspects, then it fails to stand as a good or reliable VoIP Provider.
  • Unclear and unsafe payment modes: Clarity is one of the most important factors. And when that is missing, one should be very careful. Safe and secure payment modes are necessary. If the service providers do not give you any payment details or any secure payment mode, it is better to rethink before making any payment. VoIP Fraud cases are common now and scammers are just waiting to dupe unsuspecting people. VoIP Providers with shadowy payment details are not reliable and chances of frauds are high.


Long established and reputed VoIP Providers are always the safer and better option to start a VoIP Business. These providers have experience, direct connections with carriers and most importantly chances of VoIP frauds are nil. Associating with such a VoIP Provider helps one’s business to grow fast and also earn a name in the VoIP industry.


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