How To Identify Companies With VoIP Frauds To Protect Your VoIP Business

VoIP Frauds Companies

VoIP Frauds are on rise. One has to be careful and avoid these Fraud VoIP companies at all cost. Proper knowledge and a bit of observation helps to identify the fraud companies and hence help you to carry on with the VoIP business smoothly.

VoIP Technology is one of the most interesting and useful technology at present. With the feature of low-cost international calls, today’s generation prefers VoIP over other methods of telecommunication. And not only the low call charges, but for all the other features that VoIP offers. Starting its journey from the late 20th century, the process of VoIP technology is remarkable. Along with the latest advancements in the VoIP technology the VoIP industry also grows steadily. Counting over billions of dollars as its yearly revenue, the VoIP industry is one of the main targets of the hackers. Not only the hackers but in VoIP industry, the threat of VoIP frauds itself increases day by day.


VoIP Fraud

VoIP fraud as we know is mainly of 2 categories. Firstly, the fraud VoIP Service Providers. These Service Providers initially advertise with attractive offers and services. But after some time when enough people invest in them, they disappear without a trace. And, Secondly, the clients or the customers itself who use stolen credit cards and hacked SIP accounts to sign up initially. To put in other words these clients or consumers use the VoIP Service without any intention of payment. This later leads to troubles and loses to the Service Provider. Therefore it is necessary for any person involved in VoIP to check for frauds and save their investments. Read here to know more about how to avoid VoIP frauds: 10 Tips to Avoid Fraud Companies in VoIP Business


How to identify VoIP Frauds

To appear as a normal VoIP Service Provider, the VoIP Frauds disguise well. Their attractive offers are one of the main traps. Here are some of the signs by which one can differentiate a VoIP fraud.

  1. Presence:

A reliable VoIP Service Provider has its presence in both virtual and physical world.

Firstly the online or virtual presence:

For any VoIP Provider who wants to pursue their business seriously will have multiple online presence. Firstly, their official website and Secondly, their publications across various sites or advertising in registered forums.

Secondly, the physical presence:

Reputed VoIP companies with the intention of growing and developing usually maintain physical offices. Many Providers also have branches in multiple countries. An office with a workforce behind indicates that the VoIP Provider is there to stay.

One can use this point and see for themselves whether the VoIP Provider that one selects has a presence. If there are no additional presence apart from a single website, it is better to wait and search more till some valid presence comes up. If there is none, then there are strong chances of VoIP Fraud.

  1. Official Domain for Mails:

Any e-mail that a genuine VoIP Service Provider sends to its clients are from their own domain. For example: Representatives who contact you through email will also have that domain name. Most VoIP Providers have live chat options on their website. This is a better way to engage directly with the representatives and clear all the queries.

If you do not find these in the VoIP Provider that you select, re-think and look out for the VoIP Frauds. Fraud companies rarely have a fully functioning dynamic website. Their objective is to display their attractive offers and appear as convincing till one makes the payment. After that they disappear without any trace.

  1. Bilateral Business Options:

A reputed VoIP Service Provider has options of bilateral business. It has a number of clients, partners and tie-ups with other telecom providers. This is important as the reach of the VoIP Service Provider also determines the quality of the VoIP Services. The proposal to establish bilateral relations is a sign of well-established organization. It is necessary to ask the potential client if they have good routes and how much traffic is available. And also if they would like to sell something as well. Answering these questions will give you a clear idea of the intentions of the chosen VoIP Service Provider. If you feel that the answers are not satisfactory, then consider other options.

  1. Memberships, Meetings and Conferences:

A progressive VoIP Service Provider utilises every opportunity to add to its growth and development. Therefore, these VoIP companies attend the many telecom meets and global conferences held around the world. To attend this meets and conferences, the company requires proper registration. Filling all the details in due course will cut out any fraud companies. VoIP Providers also hold memberships of various VoIP organisations. Hence, if there are no record of the VoIP Provider attending any conferences then be alert.

  1. Using VoIP Fraud List:

Online VoIP forums and various VoIP discussion group always mention Fraud VoIP Providers. Using the information from these places as well as popular websites like helps businessmen to know about the fraud companies.

VoIP technology develops with time and presents us with new features. Along with this the security is also developed to prevent any data leak. But in between all this the first step is in your hands. That is, to identify the VoIP frauds and save yourself from losses. Choose a genuine VoIP Provider and enjoy the benefits of the VoIP technology.

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