Importance Of Mobile Dialer In The VoIP Industry

Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer is a softphone or a VoIP application. It allows VoIP calling from mobile phones. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

VoIP combines the technologies of the internet and the traditional telephony. Through VoIP, technology one is able to make calls to anywhere in the world.

The main feature of VoIP technology is that they provide long-distance calls at very low call rates. Both domestic and international calls are available. The VoIP call rates are much lower than the standard PSTN charges.

The popularity of VoIP increases as the internet is easily available in today’s world. And to make a VoIP call, the prime requirements are mobile dialer and internet.


Evolution of VoIP Dialer

Before the arrival of mobile phones, desktops were more popular. But with desktop mobility was difficult. Therefore, the arrival of mobile phones and mobile dialers led to an increase in VoIP usage.

VoIP dialer or mobile dialer is available for almost all mobile operating systems. Usually, these dialers use the SIP platform. This is for establishing a connection to the communication network.

Offering the feature of mobility, mobile dialers are free from any limitation. The traditional PC or other VoIP devices restrict operation to a particular location.


Latest Versions of Dialer

The present generation mobile dialers have all the latest features. Addition of latest features and regular updates help the dialer to function properly.

Internet connection is the primary requirement for a dialer to work. Internet connections like 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and other broadband connections are suitable for VoIP calling through dialer.

Data transmission through VoIP is faster. Hence people can experience smooth VoIP calling. Mobile VoIP dialers are useful for both end-users as well as VoIP business.


Mobile Dialer for End-User

A mobile dialer, in other words, is an application or an app. This app enables VoIP calls from one’s mobile phone. With the use of VoIP, end-users benefit through lower costs on calls, messages and other activities.

Using the dialer is easy.

  • Firstly, download the dialer from the app store or the equivalent present in one’s phone.
  • Secondly, complete the one-time registration with operator code, pin and password. After this one can start making calls from there.


How to Use Mobile Dialer

There are 2 ways to make a call through VoIP Dialers.

Firstly, dialer to dialer.

These calls pass from one dialer to another. These calls are totally free of cost. For this type of call, there is a requirement of mobile dialer and internet connection on both ends of the call.

Secondly, dialer to GSM numbers or landlines.

One can also make VoIP Calls to GSM numbers and landlines. For this, internet connection is not required on the receiving end of the call. One needs the dialer, internet connection only on the dialling end of the call.

Also along with the basic requirements, one needs a certain amount of balance in their VoIP account. One can get this balance from their VoIP Service Provider.

Even when VoIP calls are chargeable, they cost much less than the traditional PSTN charges.


Mobile Dialer for VoIP Business

A mobile dialer is one of the key tools of the VoIP industry. VoIP Businesses like Reseller VoIP and Hosted VoIP are the ones to require dialer.

In a VoIP business, multiple destinations help to generate more profits. But there are various areas of VoIP blockages. To overcome this problem, VoIP technology presents us with tunnelling software.

This software along with the mobile dialer passes all the VoIP blockages. Also to add to this, tunnelling technology also helps to reduce the bandwidth consumption.

Reduction in bandwidth consumption helps the dialer to perform well even in poor network connections. Thereby it helps the call to reach previously unreachable areas.

While choosing a dialer for a VoIP business, it is necessary to make sure of the tunnelling technology. Here you can read about the top VoIP dialers for VoIP Business: Top 6 Mobile Dialers for Your VoIP Business


How Dialer helps Businesses

Mobile dialers help to create the first impression of a client or customer about one’s VoIP business. Hence it is important for a VoIP Service Provider, to present dialers which are good in terms of both quality and user interference.

The dialer which is user-friendly with fresh user interface attracts more users. Therefore the quality of the dialer is important for the business reputation.

For a Reseller VoIP business, multiple dialers help to generate more profits. To know more about how multiple dialers help in VoIP business, read here: How multiple dialers maximize profit in Reseller VoIP Business?

Therefore, for a VoIP business as well as for an end-user, the quality of the VoIP  Dialer matters a lot. A good quality dialer helps to experience a smooth VoIP calling and also benefits the VoIP business.


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