Importance of Softswitch in VoIP Business

Softswitch is an important part of any VoIP Business. It is a key tool in a VoIP call connection. Every VoIP Service provider has their Softswitch which helps in the smooth functioning of the VoIP business.

voip sofswitch

Softswitch or commonly Switch, is known as the backbone of the VoIP industry. This software handles all IP-to-IP calls. Traditionally the electronic switch system was in use. PSTN or the old telephone system was a circuit switched network. In the circuit switch, when one makes a call from one telephone to another, switches within the telephone exchanges create a continuous wire circuit between the two telephones, for as long as the call lasts. With advancements in telephony, packet switch emerged. Packet switching divides the data into packets and then transmission of packets takes place through the network independently. In packet switching, packets from multiple competing communication sessions share the network links instead of a dedicated one communication session at a time.


What is a VoIP Softswitch

In the VoIP industry, switches are in the form of software. Softswitches are becoming more popular as the VoIP industry continues to grow. A major component of the VoIP technology, Softswitch also acts as VoIP server. Loading the software on the server enables it to virtually connect IP to IP calls. It has reduced the huge cost of hardware. The constant addition of functions and new features make it more attractive and user-friendly. The feature server is built into a switch. This provides all call-related features.


Types of a Softswitch

Softswitch is a combination of software and switchboard. There are 2 types of soft-switches. Firstly, Class 5 Softswitch, and Secondly Class 4 Softswitch.

  • A Class 5 Softswitch caters to a small region. Usually, businesses and organizations use this kind of software. As the region is small, these softswitches can route calls within cities, organizations, states or small countries at max. This type of Softswitch also caters to end users. Most of their clients include Call centre services, Calling card platform, Business groups and others.
  • Class 4 Softswitch, on the other hand, are at a higher level as these handle the long distance calls, covering countries worldwide. They transit VoIP traffic between carriers and a large volume of VoIP calls. Some of its most important characteristics are protocol support and conversion, transcoding, calls per second rate, an average time of one call routing and number of concurrent calls.

At times class 5 Softswitch and class 4 Softswitch are put to work together. While, Class 4 routes the long distance calls to class 5, on the other hand, Class 5 remains connected to the IP phones and VoIP calling devices. It provides the VoIP calling service. This combination of soft-switches is named as hybrid soft-switches.


Benefits of Softswitch


Here are the following benefits of a Softswitch.


Choice of component and cost efficiency

Being a software completely, soft-switches have reduced the cost and maintenance charges of hardware. It is also more manageable than hardware. A simple update is enough to solve many problems in software. And therefore no further maintenance cost for a Softswitch.


Billing panel

One of the most important functions of the Softswitch is the billing software. This software is incomparable in its accuracy. Call rates are customizable. Each user can get their own invoice. This system saves the trouble and time required for billing manually.


Additional security

To make it safer an extra layer of security is introduced. The OTP key used to log in every time gives it further protection from hackers. It makes the Softswitch secure with additional authentication.



A VoIP Softswitch serves multiple purposes. Routing, billing, reporting and monitoring are some of its functions. And it is because of its multi-functionalities, a single soft switch serves various purposes.



Softswitch as the software is adaptable to user requirements. Hence, for a start-up who requires a few functions or a bigger company who have a bigger spread can use it with only the necessary functionalities.



VoIP soft-switches are also available on a rental basis or total ownership. Owning a Softswitch is usually opted by the bigger VoIP companies who have a large base of business. Small VoIP businessmen, on the other hand, go for the pay per month basis. Also, the wide range of the functions available in a Softswitch gives the VoIP Service provider a chance to customize according to his needs by opting for only the necessary ones.


How to choose a Softswitch?

There are many companies offering switches in the VoIP industry. And therefore, one should choose a switch according to the requirements.

Here we have cited two points which would help you in a further decision.

  • Reputed trusted company: In VoIP business, long established, trustworthy companies are always to be preferred over a new and local one. An established company gives you the best product in terms of quality and price range.
  • User-friendly: Softswitches are known for their compatibility and flexibility. Hence, the user-friendly aspect is an important issue.
  • Ownership: In VoIP business, there are 2 types of ownership for a Softswitch (excluding the bigger companies who develop it from scratch).
    • First, buying a Softswitch. In this type, it is bought completely and used by the client accordingly.
    • Second, renting the Softswitch. It implies to get ownership on a per month rental basis. This is easier for small businessman and VoIP business start-ups who do not need a huge amount of cash to buy it. Thereafter, the support team looks after the maintenance, which is an additional benefit.



INAANI Hosted Service and Packages

A prominent player in the global VoIP Business, INAANI with over a decade of experience offers VoIP Services in both retail and Wholesale sectors. INAANI provides iTel Switch Plus for its clients. It is available on a monthly rental basis. The company offers a switch in a package with a desirable brand name. INAANI has various packages for its Hosted VoIP Services. These packages are customizable according to client’s requirements.

The packages consist of following requirements for a VoIP business:

  1. iTel Switch Plus,
  2. iTel PC dialer,
  3. TP Dialer or iTel mobile dialer express
  4. Byte Saver (tunnelling software)

In short from the hosting package, you can get everything to start your VoIP business. The rates of the packages vary on the number of concurrent calls. Thus, to know more about the packages, visit INAANI’S website here.

Therefore, in conclusion, Softswitches are undoubtedly important for a VoIP business. It not only reduces the cost but also brought remarkable changes to the world of traditional telecommunications.  For the small VoIP business entrepreneurs, this is a good prospect as the VoIP industry is in a state of continuous evolution.

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