Inaani Is Expanding Business Globally With A Range Of Services From Retail To Wholesale VoIP

Global VoIP Service Provider INAANI is the all-in-one VoIP provider to offer you all that you need for starting your journey in VoIP industry.


INAANI, A global VoIP service Provider, headquartered in Singapore, also has wings in Hongkong, Oman, India, Bangladesh. With an experience of over 11 years in the VoIP industry, INAANI provides VoIP Services of international standard at attractive rates.  From INAANI, one can get VoIP Services in both sector of retail and Wholesale VoIP. The main sections that INAANI caters to are, Reseller VoIP, Hosted VoIP and Wholesale VoIP.


Reseller VoIP business

INAANI offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesspeople to start their own business with no upfront investment which is mentioned as, “Reseller VoIP business”. Requiring minimal investment, Reseller VoIP is a risk free business. INAANI provides meet all the requirements of VoIP tools and the Master Reseller Panel which are necessary for managing the reseller VoIP business according to own rate and client base. With INAANI, one can opt for multiple dialers for smooth functioning of VoIP business based on regions.


Hosted VoIP Service

For “Hosted VoIP Service”, one gets the chance to start the VoIP business under their own brand name. INAANI provides the elements for Hosted VoIP Business as a package. This package contains softswitch, mobile dialer (iTel mobile dialer express, TP Dialer), PC dialer and Byte Saver. Byte Saver is the tunnelling software which helps in blockages and poor network conditions by reducing bandwidth consumption. The rates of this package depends on the number of concurrent calls one needs. Other customisation in the mobile dialer like changes in UI, branding, outlook is also available in the hosted VoIP service as per client’s requirement.


Wholesale VoIP Service

However, in “Wholesale VoIP Service”, INAANI offers buying, selling and exchange of Wholesale A-Z Routes. In Wholesale VoIP, INAANI also presents the innovative concept of IWS. This IWS or Instant Wholesale Service aims to give instant payment for selling routes to INAANI. Its fully automated system and user friendly billing panel lets the client create their own invoices. IWS is also independent of any billing cycle and any hassle of paperwork. INAANI also provides the option of becoming a Route Service Provider. Importantly, with high quality of A-Z VoIP Routes at affordable rates from INAANI, this section of VoIP business is also experiencing rapid growth.


Moreover, along with the top quality VoIP Services, here at INAANI clients get 24X7 support for solving any query from clients at any time. INAANI’s collaboration with 300+ renowned Telecom companies of Tier1 and Tier2 such as SingTel, Tata, Bharti, Telkom Malaysia, Deutsche Telekom, BICS and many more ensure the high quality of its VoIP routes. The total number of INAANI subscribers exceeds 1.5 million. And with more than 700 resellers and over 900 wholesale clients spread across 40 countries worldwide, INAANI proves itself as one of the trusted VoIP Service Providers around the world.
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