Instant Wholesale- An Innovation for Wholesale VoIP Providers

wholesale voip providers

Wholesale VoIP Providers

Wholesale VoIP Providers constitute one of the important sections of the VoIP industry. With the advancements in the VoIP industry, new innovations like Instant Wholesale Service, make the business transaction and management much easier for the providers.

Wholesale Providers operate at a higher level than the resellers in the VoIP industry. VoIP has changed the world of telecommunications. Traditional calling methods were costly. VoIP calls have made it easier for common people to make international calls. As a result of the increase in the number of consumers, VoIP traffic has increased eventually.

This increase in VoIP traffic created requirement of Wholesale VoIP Providers. While a user simply dials and number and talks to a person far away, Wholesale VoIP Providers transmit the VoIP traffic which helps in connecting the call. This connection is possible due to tie-ups with various carriers and other VoIP terminators.


VoIP Termination 

The Wholesale VoIP Providers negotiate with carriers and VoIP terminators for bulk route transactions. These transactions include both buying and selling of routes. These transactions are for establishing profit margins and reselling the VoIP Services. The VoIP industry is growing and expanding at a rapid pace. This rapid growth has given birth to numerous VoIP Service providers around the world. VoIP Routes Providers are also gaining from this improvement. This VoIP Routes Provider can now provide routes of previously unreached destinations. Doing this, in turn, increases their client base. Reseller VoIP is usually opted by small scale businessmen. While businessmen who are already into the VoIP industry and have gained experience tend to choose Wholesale VoIP.



IWS stands for Instant Wholesale Service. It belongs to the category of wholesale VoIP. It can be also said as an advanced form of the wholesale VoIP business. This service is beneficial for small scale businessmen who want to begin their journey into wholesale VoIP.

IWS is instant in its workings. Hence, it provides instant payment for the services. Without any means of getting the payment beforehand, Service Providers would have to wait till the billing date. But with IWS, there are no more waiting or delay in payments. Delayed payments can have adverse effects on a VoIP business. IWS prevents disruptions and ensures the smooth functioning of your business.

Therefore with IWS, Wholesale VoIP Providers can get paid for their services without any delay. Further, a client can offer routes himself from his own panel without any further assistance. In addition to this, one can generate their own invoice prom the portal. This portal of IWS is fully automated and does not require any manual inputs. Furthermore, IWS also has another feature. Wholesale VoIP Providers can ask for any amount of payment at any time.

wholesale voip providers


Benefits of IWS:

  • Fully automated system.
  • Get instant payment for the services.
  • Bilateral business opportunity.
  • Routes for voice, mobile top-up and SMS are managed from a single point.
  • No more delays due to the billing cycle.
  • Payment methods are safe and secure.
  • Account customization is available.
  • Clients can generate their own invoices.
  • User-friendly and easy to use billing panel.
  • No additional paper works.
  • 24X7 support available.


How to sign up for IWS?

Getting started with INAANI’s instant wholesale service is really simple. You can follow the following steps separately for buying and selling of routes:

  • For Buying Routes:

  1. Register on INAANI website.
  2. Receive test account on mail.
  3. Make payment and start commercial traffic.
  • For Selling Routes:

  1. Register online and log in
  2. Offer your routes
  3. Routes check by system & Confirm Result
  4. Start Commercial traffic
  5. Withdraw Payment Anytime.



Singapore-based VoIP Service Provider, INAANI, brought this innovative concept into the Wholesale VoIP Business. This service has helped small businessmen by solving the payment delay issue. Under the Instant Wholesale Program, INAANI offers its clients two options. Clients can both sell and buy routes from INAANI itself. Thus terminating calls over any destination becomes instant. INAANI also offers a free credit of 3 USD upon registration. Using this free credit one can check route quality for any destination. Hence, after experiencing the service first hand, you can deposit the balance amount and start commercial terminations. Safe and secure payments are via PayPal, Visa and Master Cards.



The infrastructure of Wholesale VoIP has developed much since the beginning. A vast number of countries from different parts of the world interconnect. Therefore, Wholesale VoIP termination has increased.  VoIP companies have spread across the world and the number of new Wholesale VoIP Providers are growing rapidly. In addition to this, many global telecom events take place across the world. These events provide the platform to find suitable business partners and interconnect with carriers. INAANI has its own organic traffic and has a connection with all the major tier 1 and tier 2 carriers. This connection, therefore, ensures the best volume of traffic.

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