How iTel Mobile Dialer helps in Hosted VoIP Business

iTel Mobile Dialer is a VoIP dialer which works effortlessly around the world with any type of internet connection. This dialer is useful for end users as well as for VoIP businesses.

iTel Mobile Dialer

iTel Mobile Dialer is a SIP softphone. A softphone is an application program that enables voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone calls from computing devices.

SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol. It contains softphone functionality and some other features and provides an interface for one to communicate. There are various types of SIP clients. The Service Providers offer these applications to use with their VoIP Services.

VoIP is one of the most sought-after technologies of the present day. This technology not only offers products for consumption but also creates numerous jobs and business opportunities as well.

One can choose the VoIP business that one wants to start according to the amount of investment that one wants to make. Primarily, there are 2 sections of VoIP Business: Retail VoIP & Wholesale VoIP.


VoIP Business

Retail VoIP Business is relatively easier to begin and manage as compared to Wholesale VoIP Business. A basic understanding of VoIP Technology and working of VoIP Business is enough for Retail VoIP business.

While on the other hand, prior knowledge about VoIP is necessary for Wholesale VoIP Business. Hence, this is the reason why people start with retail VoIP and later move on to Wholesale VoIP if they want to.

Retail VoIP Business further has many options like Reseller VoIP Business or Agent VoIP Business, Hosted VoIP Business, Calling Card business, Mobile Top Up business and many more.

Reseller VoIP is the most common choice because this VoIP Business requires minimal investment. On the other hand, while Hosted VoIP requires a bit more investment than the Reseller VoIP business, it also has a lot more to offer.


Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP is sometimes referred to as Hosted PBX. This means the hardware and PBX are hosted at an off-site location away from where the VoIP service is used. This is also at times referred to as Cloud PBX because it allows the business to use the service through a web portal.

Hosted VoIP Service is suited best for small or medium-sized businesses. As Hosted VoIP Provider manages everything behind the screen, clients or customers, on the other hand, do not require to purchase anything other than IP Phones.

Some Service Providers offer Hosted VoIP Services in a package including all the necessary details like Softswitch, server, and dialer all three together. Therefore this package deal saves the hassle of searching for each item separately.

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iTel Mobile Dialer

iTel Mobile Dialer allows the VoIP Service Provider to offer all the advanced VoIP calling features to their customers. With this dialer, the customers can make long-distance VoIP Calls to anywhere in the world from their mobile phones itself.

The iTel dialer is highly compatible. And hence, it is compatible with all standard SIP Softswitch. This VoIP Dialer also works in Android, IOS, and Windows and Symbian platform. It further supports audio and video calls with Instant Messaging (IM).

Along with its many features and benefits, a must mention is that this dialer enables the service provider to run the softphone under their own brand name. In addition to this, one can also customize it according to the needs or requirements.



A good quality dialer helps to present the VoIP business to its customers in a better way. It not only gives a good performance but also saves the trouble of constant maintenance.

Some of the key features of iTel Mobile Dialer are:

  1. Excellent audio-video calling feature with Instant Messenger (IM)
  2. Shows account balance information on the mobile screen and also plays via IVR
  3. Supports PIN to PIN call and SMS
  4. Supports worldwide Mobile Top Up
  5. Equipped with inbuilt tunnelling software and hence pass calls through any firewall


Tech Specifications

Accordingly, it is always advisable to choose a dialer with latest specifications. Updates are regularly available. And it is also necessary to prevent any data leak or security breach. iTel Mobile Dialer works on any form of internet connection like 3G/4G/EDGE/WIFI. Further, it has good voice clarity and ensures uninterrupted communications.

The technical specifications of this dialer are as follows:

  1. Session Initiation Protocol
  2. Supported codecs – g729, AMR, GSM and g711
  3. UDP and TCP Transport
  4. Runs behind NAT or private IP
  5. Supports multiple modes of internet connectivity



One of the biggest plus points that iTel Mobile Dialer presents is a customization feature. Therefore, this dialer is fully customizable according to one’s own preferences based on their business requirements.

The options for customization are:

  1. Social Media Integration
  2. Balance Transfer and Rate Index Display
  3. Ads and 3rd Party API integration
  4. Favourites or speed dial contacts
  5. A fully customised user interface
  6. Integrated online payment gateway


White Label Branding

Hosted VoIP Business is more independent than other retail VoIP businesses. Here there is the option of naming the VoIP business under their own brand name. This is the white label branding.

White Label Branding saves time, production cost and also cuts down the hassle of setup. iTel mobile dialer also offers this option as well.

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A brief of this is as follows:

  1. Simplified registration through hardcoded operator code
  2. Unlimited end-user registration
  3. Change product name and branding according to one’s own brand
  4. Registering the brand in different app stores
  5. Establishing a unique presence in the VoIP industry



In conclusion, Hosted VoIP Service is favourable to numerous businesses worldwide as they help to reduce business costs. This VoIP service is a highly flexible approach to low capital business. Therefore, it is good for start-up service providers to start their business easily.

iTel Mobile Dialer is one of the top dialers in the VoIP industry with over 100 million global end-users around the world. Thus, with the latest features and upgraded specifications, iTel Mobile Dialer is the ace for the Hosted VoIP Business.

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