Key Components of Wholesale VoIP Business

Wholesale VoIP Business is the section of VoIP industry which sees over to all the route transactions. Similar to other VoIP businesses, this too has a minimal requirement, but even then there are some key components which are a must.

Wholesale VoIP Business

Wholesale VoIP Business is that section of the VoIP industry which deals in the bulk transaction of VoIP Routes. It primarily involves traffic aggregation and exchange between operators. Transmission of VoIP Routes takes place in form of data packets. A2Z routes are available in the VoIP industry. To connect VoIP Calls, VoIP Terminators carry the routes from the call source to the call destination. And therefore for this task, there are various VoIP Terminators in between. In plain words, Wholesale VoIP Providers receive traffic from one carrier and transmit it to another. This makes Wholesale VoIP the middle person. Therefore, Wholesale VoIP Business is one of the important sections of the VoIP industry which helps it to run smoothly.


VoIP Industry and VoIP Business

The evolution of VoIP industry is a constant process. Starting its journey from the late 20th century, it has come a long way. Today, VoIP technology is one of the most popular means of communication. Its numerous features and the user-friendly interface make it the popular choice. The VoIP industry at present stands as a multi-billion industry with users from all over the world.  In this industry, wholesale VoIP already has an established market which generates a good amount of revenue. Also here, instead of starting things from scratch, there are companies who offer this service at a nominal price saving both time and extra costs. This companies commonly known as VoIP Service Providers offer VoIP Services along with all the necessary requirements for the business. Though Wholesale VoIP business is easy to manage, prior knowledge of VoIP Technology helps to run it easily.


Key Components

Selecting a properly established VoIP Service Provider is an important step in starting any VoIP business. Every VoIP business differs from each other. Here are the key components of the Wholesale VoIP business.



The prime advantage that VoIP technology has over other forms of technology is the requirement of minimal hardware. It is this aspect which makes the VoIP business much easier to manage. The primary requirement for any VoIP business is an internet connection and a device like PC, laptop or mobile with internet access to manage the business.

For a Wholesale VoIP Business, the server is the main requirement. A single server is sufficient for a small volume of traffic. But it is better to keep the second one for stability purposes. Billing server helps in invoicing and financial data processing. Another server can help in combing RTP for traffic streaming and also for verification, authorisation and accounting management for clients to connect and use as network service. To know more about VoIP Server check here: Things Must Know about VoIP Server



Softswitch is the backbone of the VoIP Service or any VoIP business in general. And because of this, a good quality Softswitch is necessary. The most important function of the Softswitch is the billing. Softswitch with an integrated billing is best. Billing involves the collection of information about the call and other services. Clients can generate call detail record with the help of this billing feature of Softswitch. It also helps to manage other aspects of the business like route rates, destinations, client list and many more.

It is also necessary to add that while selecting Softswitch, one should keep in mind the compatibility of the protocols and the codecs. Sometimes there are different protocols and codecs and to overcome this issue it is better to get a Softswitch with the ability of protocol and codec conversion.

To know more about Softswitch check here: Importance of Softswitch in VoIP Business


Traffic Supply

VoIP Traffic is the prime commodity of the Wholesale VoIP Business. Synonymous to the term VoIP Routes, this differs from one service provider to another in terms of quality, rate and on many other points. The pricing for this also varies greatly. Many parameters are present in the VoIP industry to measure the quality of the VoIP Traffic. The price for the Route is relatively higher when the route quality is good and the destination is on high demand.

To know more about VoIP Traffic check here: Importance of VoIP Traffic in Wholesale VoIP Business


Clients and Suppliers

The main section of Wholesale VoIP business consists of suppliers and clients. Providers are those who buy the international VoIP traffic from their suppliers and then sell it further to clients. A VoIP Service Provider can serve the purpose of both supplier and client.

Internet forums are good places to search for VoIP Service Providers. But be aware of the VoIP fraud. Proper and thorough verification is necessary before one signs up for the service. This is important for avoiding any issues arising in future and also to prevent any loses through VoIP frauds. In addition to forums, VoIP exhibitions and conferences are the places which can help one generate business leads. These places require proper registration on behalf of the VoIP Providers and therefore every participant goes through verification and authentic providers are only allowed. Hence these are relatively safer and chances of VoIP Frauds are much less.



In conclusion, though Wholesale VoIP Business does not involve the end users of VoIP directly, it is of the same importance as other sections. It works from the back end and follows the B2B model. With a progressive VoIP Service Provider and an efficient management, Wholesale VoIP business turns out quite profitable with time.

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