7 Latest Trends that VoIP Service Providers Must Follow

VoIP Service Providers should be aware of the latest VoIP trends. This will help them to keep up to date with the evolution of VoIP technology and which can help them to improve own VoIP business.


VoIP Service Providers


VoIP Service Providers bring the new age of VoIP technology to us. This technology changes rapidly and gives us the refined form of the old components. VoIP technology is popular with people all over the world. With more VoIP usage, VoIP technology evolves and produces efficient results.


  • VoIP Technology

VoIP technology uses internet to make calls. In this 21st century, internet is readily available everywhere. As VoIP technology requires internet for call termination, the easy availability of internet popularizes VoIP Calls. With VoIP, one can make international calls at a very little charge. Compared to the cellular or old telephonic charges, VoIP call charges are minimum. As the number of VoIP consumer is increasing, the VoIP industry strives to find new ways to manage this large base of consumers and client. The advancements in VoIP technology help to create new products. Existing services also gets improved so as to give the customers a better experience.


  • VoIP Trends

The constant evolution of the VoIP technology along with the contemporary changes in the VoIP market sets the VoIP trends.  These trends keep changing with time and eventually new ones replace the existing ones. It is necessary to keep up to date with these changes. The upcoming trends help a VoIP Service Provider to understand the flow of the VoIP industry. The trends also help one to decide which VoIP business they want to invest in. VoIP industry provides a lot of options to start a business or expand an already existing business.


Here are 7 ongoing VoIP trends of 2017:


VoIP Service Providers


  1. High Security

With all the recent attacks of ransom-wares, everyone wants to secure their assets related to internet. Similarly, with the growth in VoIP industry the threat of cyber-crimes has increased as well. A VoIP Service Provider needs to have high security for safeguarding their business as well as related sensitive information. Security is thus the foremost priority. To keep secure, know the detail, about How to Avoid VoIP Frauds.


  1. Dawn of 5G

The world of telecommunication is never going to rest with one invention. It searches for ways to make something better than the present. With 4G already in use across the world, the concept of 5G is not far away. In fact, the 5G prototype is already on trials. The 5G network will surpass all the previous ones in terms of speed and efficiency. It will also give stable connection. Interruptions in the internet connectivity will decrease. Hopefully 5G model will require no further infrastructure. 5G will take VoIP to the next level.


  1. Increase of Apps

Multitasking is important in today’s world. Everyone wants to complete as many tasks as possible using minimum number of tools. The trend grows towards cloud based VoIP application, workforce apps and service integration. The goal is to increase the productivity in the VoIP industry. VoIP Service Providers need to be aware of these technological advancements.


  1. Network Strain

The rise in the number of internet users and VoIP consumers cause network strain. Interconnection between devices through network add to the overall burden on the network. VoIP Service Providers need to know the latest versions of technology to counter the issue of network strain.


  1. Collaboration with Unified Communications

VoIP technology intends to make full use of the internet to provide the people with best possible service. VoIP technology gradually engages itself with the web enabled Unified Communications. This solution aims to include multiple types of hardware and create a single unified user interface. Unified Communications include: audio video conference, instant message, voice control for devices, web conference and many more. The integration of VoIP and Unified Communication is visible in the concept of WebRTC.


  1. VoIP Flexibility

VoIP flexibility enables its users to expand or add calling lines to an existing system. It allows the users to access their VoIP Services from anywhere in the world. As many companies outsource their work due to convenience and cost saving, VoIP flexibility is useful in these cases. Employees can work conveniently and are more productive. Various extra call features like call conferencing, forwarding, free voice mail and various other file sharing show flexibility. VoIP Services are on the path to become more flexible in the following years.


  1. New Innovations

VoIP technology is always set to find new ways to give a better experience to its consumers. Faster, efficient, smooth interface is on high demand. VoIP Service Providers need to be aware of the latest improvements. Implementation of new technology will favour VoIP Service Providers to acquire more clients. This in turn will help them to move forward in the highly competitive VoIP industry.

VoIP industry has come a long way since the beginning of its journey two decades back. Market predictions show that the revenue of VoIP industry will grow at a constant rate in recent years. So, if you want to invest in the VoIP industry it is the right time to do so.

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