7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Reseller VoIP Business

Reseller VoIP Business is profitable with efficient management. sometimes some common mistakes cause disturbances. With little carefulness, one can prevent these issues.

Reseller VoIP Business

Reseller VoIP Business is one of the popular business options that most of today’s entrepreneurs choose.

VoIP technology is a revolution in the telecommunication industry. The increasing availability of internet or broadband connections all over the world helps the development of VoIP technology. The VoIP industry grows with the development of technology.

With the facilities that VoIP technology provide, more people are gradually shifting to VoIP from the traditional phone system. Therefore the increase in the demand for VoIP Services and VoIP Service providers are simultaneous.


Reseller VoIP business

VoIP industry presents lots of business opportunities. Reseller VoIP is one of the most common business options. Reseller VoIP business is easy to start and manage as it requires minimal investment and is risk-free.

In the VoIP industry, there is an endless marketplace for resellers to market to. This enables them to steadily grow their business. To start a Reseller VoIP business, one needs to find a reliable VoIP Service Provider first.

Increase in VoIP fraud is also a major threat. To know more about how to avoid VoIP frauds read here: 10 Tips to Avoid Fraud Companies in VoIP Business.


7 Common Mistakes That One Needs to Avoid

Though a Reseller VoIP business is easy to manage, at times small mistakes can cause setbacks in future. Thus it is important for a person to be careful with all the minute details.


Choosing Random VoIP Provider

Choosing a VoIP Service Provider randomly is highly risk-prone. A reliable VoIP Service Provider will help in the growth of one’s VoIP business. Reputed VoIP Providers give a sense of security to the VoIP business.

The VoIP Services are also of better quality. It is advisable thus to search and compare various VoIP Service Providers before choosing any.


Overlooking Hidden Clauses & Charges

In the VoIP industry, there is tough competition. In this competition, every service provider wants to put the best deal in their advertisements.

But every advertisement does not give all the details of the terms and conditions. Such offers lure businessmen who initially fail to understand the hidden clauses. After signing up they have to pay the extra charges.


Limited Knowledge

VoIP technology is new and develops constantly. A VoIP businessman without proper knowledge of VoIP will face difficulties in running the business.

One should have a clear knowledge about the workings of VoIP technology and also the VoIP business itself. Having a clear understanding of the VoIP business with help one to operate it with ease.

To know more about VoIP technology and VoIP industry you can read here.


Less Attention to Clients/Customers

Clients or customers are an important part of any business. Similarly, in VoIP business a businessman should know the needs of his resellers under him or the end-users.

Being ignorant of the requirements will make customers face difficulties. Eventually, it will affect the reputation of the business.


Neglecting Network/bandwidth Requirements

Internet connection is one of the foremost requirement for VoIP technology. Neglecting the network of a certain area before starting the VoIP business can cause problems with the quality of the VoIP calls.

Areas with low bandwidth coverage or slow connection need special attention. In addition to that, areas with VoIP blockages require the assistance of tunnelling software for VoIP calls to pass.

Neglecting these factors result in a poor quality VoIP service. More information about VoIP tunnelling is available here: Network blockage: Drawback of VoIP Business


Insufficient Security

As cyber-crimes are on the rise, security for the VoIP business should be a top priority. Any lack in security measures will make the business vulnerable to several internet hacking, attacks and data loss. Security breaches are most harmful to a VoIP business.


Failure in Back-ups/Lack of planning

It is always better to prepare oneself for a rainy day. Though with a good VoIP Service Provider technical mobile dialer issues are rare, still one can keep a second mobile dialer.

The second mobile dialer will help to carry on the business if the former dialer faces any issue. Therefore lack of proper planning has an adverse effect on the growth of a VoIP business.

Read here to know how multiple dialers can help: How multiple dialers maximize profit in Reseller VoIP?


Prevention Measures

With all the common mistakes that can take place, it is better to know how to prevent those. Even being careful can prevent many of these small mistakes.

Here are some tips or prevention measures that one can take:

  1. Do a market survey and opt for a reputed VoIP Service Provider with over 5 years of experience.
  2. Go through all the terms and conditions. Take the help of an experienced person if you are unable to understand properly.
  3. Know your clients and what services they need. Providing a customer-friendly service is a good mark for your business.
  4. Check the network connection of the areas that you provide service to. Keeping an extra dialer will help you not only in VoIP blockages but also help to run your business smoothly. An extra dialer can also help you to widen the area where you provide the services to.
  5. Tighten the security to its maximum level. High security will prevent any attack and keep the VoIP business secure.



Nevertheless, reseller VoIP business is easy to manage. The only requirement is a careful mind and a proper knowledge of the business. Being up to date to the latest developments in technology will help one to provide high-quality VoIP Services thereby generating huge profits.

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