5 Benefits of Mobile Dialer Customization in Hosted VoIP Business

Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer is a VoIP Softphone. It is an application or commonly known as an app. The mobile dialer app is the one which helps to make VoIP calls from mobile phones.

VoIP phones have undergone many changes from the days of its origin. From the Internet Phone of Vocal Tech to numerous Mobile Dialers of the present day, the growth of VoIP Technology is remarkable.

There are 2 types of VoIP Phones. First, hardware-based. Second, software-based. The hardware-based phones supported audio calls. They resembled traditional wired or cordless phones.

While the software-based phone or softphone is simply a software. Installing the software on a mobile device or computer enables VoIP calling from there.

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Mobility of VoIP Dialers

Mobility is one of the best features that Mobile Dialers offer. One of the major problems with previous VoIP phones was the issue of mobility. PC and other such devices restrict mobility. To use these devices for VoIP Call meant the caller to be at a fixed location for the entire duration of the call.

The VoIP Dialers, however, are free from this restraint. The dialers are devices which helps one to stay connected from anywhere. The only requirement is an internet connection, which in today’s scenario is easily available everywhere.

Because of these several reasons Mobile Dialers are so popular. The user-friendly aspects such as mobility and numerous other features build up the popularity index.


VoIP Business

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is not just an end product for the consumer. As a technology, its vast expansion has created many job and business opportunities as well. The annual revenue of VoIP technology from all over the world is over billions of USD.

There are mainly 2 sections of VoIP business. The retail and the wholesale VoIP business. Retail VoIP Business includes Reseller VoIP Business or Agent VoIP Business, Hosted VoIP Business, Calling Card business, Mobile Top Up business and many more.

Contrary to the common misconception, VoIP businesses are easy to start. All one requires is a bit of prior knowledge the right service provider to get started. A minimal investment for even about $100 is enough to start a VoIP business.


Hosted VoIP Business

This retail VoIP Business is also known as Hosted PBX. Here the hardware and PBX are hosted at an off-site location away from where the VoIP service is used. Furthermore, the integration of this with Cloud makes the Hosted VoIP all the more desirable.

For a Hosted VoIP Business, the main requirements are Softswitch, VoIP Server and Mobile Dialer. Thinking of starting from scratch is a noble idea but requires much time and money. And therefore the option of White-Label is preferred most in this business.

Many VoIP Service Providers also offer package deals. They combine all the 3 basic requirements into packages. The rate of the packages varies with the components and the concurrent call capacity.

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Dialer Customisation

Mobile Dialer customisation is one of the most beneficial parts of the Hosted VoIP Service. This is available mostly with the White-label option offered by the service provider.

Top 5 Benefits that Mobile Dialer Customization has for Hosted VoIP Business:



In the White-Label service offered by VoIP service providers, dialer customisation is an important part. Through this customisation, one gets the opportunity to build and present their own brand.

The branding option enables one to choose the name of the dialer according to their choice. Therefore, it helps in creating a presence. In addition to all others, it also gives a sense of ownership over the product and the business as well.

For a business to gain momentum and make a place for itself, branding matters a lot. And therefore, in this aspect, the part of the business that any customer directly engages with, the dialer carries the brand name forward.



VoIP Phones are well known for the numerous features they offer. It is those features that make them user favourite. The option of customisation lets businesses choose the functions they want to add or remove.

Usually, dialers include all the basic call-related functions. In order to stand out, they need something more. And hence, options like IM and MTU are coming to the forefront.

  • IM: IM is Instant Messaging. While VoIP Technology focuses mostly on the voice or calling part, the IM function widens the horizon. Therefore, with the feature of Instant messaging, users would be able to chat via messages in place of calls if they want to.
  • MTU: MTU stands for Mobile Top Up. This feature lets the user get Mobile recharge at any odd hour from anywhere. Therefore, Mobile Top Up service is beneficial for a Hosted VoIP Business as it helps to bring in extra revenue.



Customising the security for the Mobile Dialer makes it more secure. Pin based locks, double layers of authentication, one-time password and many more types of security measures are available.

Dialer customisation also helps to secure the payment portals which in turn prevents and unforeseen payment frauds. In addition to this, the option of customisation also enables one to have a fully integrated payment gateway.

Therefore, the point of enhanced security is not only beneficial to the end-users or consumers but also to the businesses as well.


User Interface

The VoIP dialer is the point where the Hosted VoIP business meets the consumer. Hence, the dialer is the face of the business. And the customisation factor just the way to make it better.

Customising a Mobile dialer makes it user-friendly and also gives it a fresh look. Consumers prefer products which are easy to use but also look good. One also gets the option of adding a brand logo or brand name in the mobile dialer through the option of customisation.

Complicated interfaces usually receive negative feedback. Therefore to nail it, simple and easy to use interface is always better.


Profit Generation

The various customisations in a dialer ultimately help in the profit generation for the VoIP Business. All changes aim at offering a better experience for the consumer. And therefore, for the business, it means profit generation through the establishment of own brand.

In addition to dialer customisation, there are many other points which help in profit generation for the Hosted VoIP Services. Like for example, keeping multiple dialers in hand which also, in turn, acts as a backup.



iTel Mobile Dialer

This dialer is one of the most recommended VoIP Dialers. It is available for all platforms namely Android, IOS, Windows, Symbian. And in addition to that, it is also highly compatible.

The iTel Dialer is available with INAANI Hosted VoIP Services. In addition to it, server and Softswitch are also included as a package deal.

All the customisation options are available. And the latest updates always keeps it safe from any security threat. Furthermore, the upgrades ensure all the latest features readily available for consumer use.

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