Drawback of Network Blockage in VoIP Business

voip business
VoIP business is built on the foundation of long distance calls with easier contacting ability. The wider the range is, the wider the scope of improvement in this field is. But the range often gets smaller here because of network blockage.

Some consequences of network blockage in VoIP business are given below:

Dialer block:

VoIP block Countries like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Ghana, and some African countries have a huge demand of VoIP service. Dialer block can cause a big amount loss including the unavailability to this huge region.

Bandwidth consumption:

Network blockage recovery can cost a high bandwidth consumption. One of the most important factors to consider when you build packet voice networks is proper capacity planning. Within capacity planning, bandwidth calculation is an important factor to consider when you design and troubleshoot packet voice networks for good voice quality. For some areas the bandwidth is so high due to the blockage that the cost becomes ridiculously higher.


Low quality call:

The voice quality reduces because of the network blockage which brings down the call quality. Quality is a must factor for any kind of product business. For the sacrifice of quality, the whole business goes down. In long distance calls the quality is essential factor to get the customer’s trust. Network blockage hampers the voice quality in noticeable manner.


However, to avoid network blockage problems certain firewall is the best option to use which varies from company to company. This firewall remove the blockage and gives you access to the certain network blockage area. Inaani uses Byte saver as a firewall which gives access to the blockage area with low bandwidth and quality calls.


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