Top 3 Drawbacks of Network Blockage in VoIP Business

voip business

VoIP Business

VoIP business is one of the latest, rapidly growing businesses of today. Growing simultaneously with the advancement of VoIP Technology, VoIP Business offers many jobs and business opportunities to entrepreneurs as well as businesses who want to venture into the telecommunication section. The prime categories of VoIP Business are Retail VoIP and Wholesale VoIP.

Retail VoIP consists of businesses like Reseller or VoIP agent, Hosted VoIP, Calling Card and many more similar ones. While Wholesale VoIP, on the other hand, deals with VoIP Route transaction. Comparing the two, retail VoIP is seemingly easier to start and manage than the Wholesale counterpart. Experts in Business VoIP recommend a prior experience and proper knowledge of VoIP routes and related details before starting Wholesale routes business.


Network Blockages in VoIP

VoIP business is built on the foundation of user-friendly, low-cost long distance calls. This is the reason VoIP Service Providers strive to provide good quality service at an affordable rate with easy to operate mobile dialers. But even after all this, there are few obstacles which at times become a source of a huge problem. One of that is the network blockage.

To use a VoIP service, or to make a VoIP call, internet connection is necessary. Issues related to internet connectivity and thereafter poor call quality is for the user or caller to solve. But the network blockage issue is something that the service provider needs to address. When there are network blockages, service providers face huge loses due to loss of clients calling those destinations. And therefore, as a result, the profit in the business suffers.


Top 3 consequences of network blockage in the VoIP Business

Dialer block

VoIP block Countries like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Ghana, and some African countries have a huge demand for VoIP service. Many regions want to maintain the monopoly of their traditional telephone systems and hence they place blockages on other services. And consequently, the dialer block causes a big amount of loss.  including the unavailability to this huge region.

Bandwidth consumption

Network blockage recovery can cost a high bandwidth consumption. One of the most important factors to consider when you build packet voice networks is proper capacity planning. Within capacity planning, bandwidth calculation is an important factor to consider when you design and troubleshoot packet voice networks for good voice quality. For some areas, the bandwidth is so high due to the blockage that the cost becomes ridiculously higher.

Low-quality Call

The voice quality reduces because of the network blockage which brings down the call quality. Quality is an important factor for any kind of product business. Any compromise in quality results in the whole business going down. In long distance calls the quality is an essential factor to get the customer’s trust. Network blockage hampers the voice quality in a noticeable manner.


The Solution to Network Blockage

However, to avoid network blockage problems certain firewall is the best option to use which varies from company to company. This firewall removes the blockage and gives you access to the certain network blockage area. Tunnelling Protocol is that which allows an internet service that the underlying network does not support or provide directly.

VoIP Service Providers provide the tunnelling for an encrypted VoIP Call that connects to any VoIP Service. Therefore, the encryption protects the privacy of the users in addition to ensuring that no third party could block the VoIP traffic. VoIP Service Provider, Inaani uses Byte saver as a firewall which gives access to the blockage area with low bandwidth and quality calls.

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