5 Common problems & Solutions for the Wholesale VoIP Providers

Wholesale VoIP Providers deals with bulk transaction of VoIP Routes. With time some common problems come up in this VoIP Wholesale business. Proper knowledge and good management can easily solve these issues.

Wholesale VoIP Providers


Wholesale VoIP Providers, in a VoIP industry are at a higher level than the VoIP reseller. A VoIP resells the VoIP Services. Wholesale VoIP Providers can buy or sell VoIP Routes simultaneously. They can buy the VoIP Routes from one Service Provider and sell it to other Service Providers after keeping a marginal profit for themselves. In every buying or selling the Wholesale VoIP Providers gain profit through the difference in the VoIP Route rates. Different VoIP Service Providers have different rates for the VoIP routes. The rate of VoIP Routes also vary according to the country. At times, instead of direct buying and selling, a Wholesale VoIP Provider can acquire routes by exchange. For example: If a Wholesale VoIP Provider has n volume routes of country X, then he can exchange these routes and get n volume routes of country Y.


Common Problems

Issues arise in every type of business which can be big or small. These problems arise due to various factors like failure to keep oneself up to date to the latest technology. Problems can also increase if there is no proper management of the business. Apart from this many overlooked points can also cause difficulties later.

Wholesale VoIP Providers face some of the common problems as mentioned below:

  • Poor Route Quality

For a Wholesale VoIP business, VoIP Route is the most important component. So the quality of the VoIP Routes eventually matter the most. If the quality of the routes are not good then the profits will be less. Sometimes transactions take place without checking the quality. This results in poor quality Routes and business goes downhill.

  • Route rates

Wholesale VoIP Providers need to be aware of the Wholesale VoIP market. Various Routs are available in the VoIP market. The rates for the routes vary by destinations as well as the Service providers. The type of VoIP Route also influences the route rates. As the routes change constantly, the wholesale VoIP Providers need to know the changed rates. Though the VoIP Route rates do not create any direct problems, it still makes the business dealings a bit challenging. Often seen Wholesale VoIP Providers either end up paying more or become victims of VoIP frauds who advertise offers with extreme low rates.

  • Hidden charges

To begin with any business the first step is to read all the details of the terms and conditions. The third of the common problems that Wholesale VoIP Providers face is the hidden charges for the VoIP Routes. VoIP Route Providers fail to understand about the extra charges which the advertisements do not include. This manifests itself when the Route Provider receives less routes than the apparent offer.

  • Improper negotiation

This happens when the Wholesale VoIP Provider fails to negotiate properly for the VoIP Routes. As most of the VoIP Service Providers conduct their business online, it is not possible to negotiate properly. And due to these poor negotiations problems arise frequently for the Wholesale VoIP Providers.

  • Payment delay

The last of the common problems that affect the Wholesale VoIP Providers everywhere is the payment delay. This delay occurs because the VoIP Service Providers follow the billing cycle. And according to this cycle one has to wait for the billing date to receive the payment. This fixed billing date interrupts the cash flow in the Wholesale business and hence cause problems.



Here are some tips that should help to prevent the common issues:

  • Check the quality of the Routes before the finalizing the transaction
  • Make a market survey and compare the rates that various Service Providers offer.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the service providers before signing up. If you are unable to understand the details then take help from some experienced person.
  • Be clear in the negotiations. If you think something is not proper in during the negotiations, it would be wise to look for some other reliable Service Provider.
  • Check for 24X7 technical support.

INAANI Wholesale VoIP:

Singapore based global VoIP Service Provider INAANI has put in efforts to make wholesale VoIP business hassle free. Inaani has been dealing with a web of organic retail network with 1.5+ million subscribers and 800+ renowned Tier1 and Tier2 carriers like SingTel, Tata, Bharti, Telkom Malaysia, Deutsche Telekom, BICS, Verizon and many more to ensures the best quality network in IP telephony. With over 10 years in the VoIP industry, INAANI provides quality VoIP Services both in retail and Wholesale VoIP.

To counter the problems that the Wholesale VoIP Providers face in their VoIP business, INAANI presents IWS. IWS stands for Instant Wholesale Service. With IWS, a Wholesale VoIP Provider can receive payment instantly. No one has to wait for the billing date to receive the payment. This instant facility ensures a regular cash flow and helps in smooth functioning of the VoIP business. A reliable VoIP Service Provider INAANI, holds no hidden charges for its services. One can also try the demo before finally signing up. INAANI also has a 24X7 support team to help the clients whenever they need.

Wholesale VoIP Providers can make good profit from their business if they can manage their business efficiently. Initially, the business can seem challenging but if you have a good VoIP Service Provider that will help you throughout.

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