Security Measures For VoIP Business Components


VoIP Business is a profitable sector. Security for this business is important due to the fact that most of its transactions are through online. Apart from general security, one should also pay attention to the several components of this business. The security is complete only when every component of a VoIP business is equally secured by proper means.

VoIP business is one of the most profitable businesses in today’s 21st century. VoIP business surrounds the whole process of VoIP calling. From providing VoIP services to customers to connecting with multiple carriers for call termination, comprises the wide range of VoIP business options. Therefore there are multiple options to choose from when one wants to start a VoIP business.

Depending on the capital amount that one has, one can select a suitable business accordingly. It is easy to start a VoIP business as the VIP Service Provider provides all the necessary requirements. Hence the quality of the Service Provider itself matters a lot.

An established and progressive VoIP Provider is best for any type of VoIP business. Reliable and trustworthy VoIP Providers are not only providing good quality products but also helps the business to progress rapidly as well. The first step to ensure the overall security for VoIP business is to choose the right service Provider and avoid all the VoIP frauds.

As the VoIP industry grows the threat of VoIP frauds also grows by its side. With the VoIP industry spreading worldwide and earning more revenue hackers and frauds make this industry their prime target. Another reason why the VoIP industry is a major target because of the fact that almost all its workings are online. And thus it is an easy option for various cyber-attacks. To know more about VoIP frauds check here: How To Identify Companies With VoIP Frauds To Protect Your VoIP Business

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a relatively new technology. Bringing the traditional telephony and internet protocol together, VoIP technology produces something revolutionary. Changing the ways of the old telecommunication process, VoIP is one of the most used technologies everywhere.

Be it an end-user or a corporate sector or a sector or a small start-up. VoIP with its numerous features benefits all. The prime feature of VoIP is low-cost calls for any domestic or international destination. VoIP is not only an end product. As pre-mentioned VoIP creates numerous job and business opportunities as well.


Security Measures

Similar to any other business, VoIP business also requires proper security. Without proper security, it is vulnerable to several threats. If the threats succeed it not only disrupts the business but also causes huge loses as well.

There are various components in a VoIP business. According to the type of business, the components also vary. Security for these components is necessary. Security measures for the following components of the VoIP business are as follows:


Reseller Panel Security

Reseller Panel is an important component of the reseller VoIP business. It is through this panel that one manages the Reseller VoIP business. The VoIP Service Provider from whom one avails the VoIP Services for the reseller VoIP business provides this panel.

The strong password consisting of combinations of alpha-numeric and special characters is best. Furthermore, it is necessary to change the password frequently and also not share the password with anyone.

If the service provider offers a two-step verification or two-step authentication process it is better to implement this. This adds as a second layer of security. And as the reseller panel is a software, regular updates for the latest version fixes all the bugs and helps to keep it secure.


Mobile Dialer Security

The mobile dialer is a mobile application or an app which enables VoIP Calling from one’s phone. For a businessman, especially for Reseller VoIP and Hosted VoIP, mobile dialer presents the VoIP business to the customers. Therefore mobile dialer security is also necessary.

For a mobile dialer, 3 main points are operator code, PIN, and password. For security purposes, one should not share the PIN with everyone. And also a strong password is better. Similar to the PIN, one should also protect the password from falling into wrong hands.

To give the customers privacy and security, one can choose mobile dialers which have encryption. This encryption will prevent any outsider from getting any sensitive information. In addition to this, being an app regular updates result in better performance. To know more about mobile dialer check here: Importance Of Mobile Dialer In The VoIP Industry Or VoIP Market 


Softswitch Security

A VoIP Softswitch is a software. Softswitch helps in managing the hosted VoIP business. It functions as the billing software and saves time in manual billing. Criteria for the password is similar to other components. Strong password and regular changing help to maintain proper security.

Only authorized personnel should have access to the Softswitch. Some service provider also offers two-factor authentication and OTP Keys for login every time. This adds to the normal security measures and helps keep the Softswitch secure. To know more about Softswitch check here: Importance of Softswitch in VoIP Business 


VoIP Server Security

The VoIP Server is the part of the VoIP Phone system which helps in data processing and also answers the incoming request of the clients. The VoIP Server is more vulnerable in its software form. Numerous threats can affect the VoIP Server and cause subsequent loss to the VoIP business. Therefore here are some of the security measures to keep the VoIP Server safe.

The importance of a strong password in anything online is tremendous. Therefore for a VoIP Server too strong password is necessary. As additional protection, 2 step verification and OTP devices are advisable. For its software form, regular updates also help to keep away any normal threats. And lastly operating the server from one’s own system is the safest option. To know more on VoIP Server security check here: Importance Of Server Security In VoIP Business 


VoIP Gateway Security

VoIP Gateway is a device that converts TDM telephony traffic from the PSTN into the digital packet or IP packet. Thereafter the transportation of these digital packets over IP network takes place. To keep the VoIP Gateway secure, one should change the default password soon. Strong combination passwords work well. Generic or easy passwords open the way to hackers.

Encrypted connections for the gateway is the best way to secure it. Encryption prevents any third party to know about confidential data and harm the business. The firewall also helps in maintaining the security further. To know more about VoIP Gateway check here: Important Facts of VoIP Gateway you Need to Know


Security is important for all the types of VoIP business. Safeguard your business with the best means possible to make it a success. Starting from choosing a reliable VoIP Provider to maintaining the security for each of the components, a lot of security measures depend on the businessman himself. Therefore choose wisely and prevent any security breaches from happening.

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