How To Start Your Reseller VoIP Business

Reseller VoIP business is easy to start and can generate good profits. With minimal investment and proper guidance, the reseller VoIP business is a good venture for the entrepreneurs.

Reseller VoIP business


Reseller VoIP business is one of the most wanted after businesses in the VoIP industry. VoIP industry grows at a rapid pace. VoIP technology requires the internet connection for calling purposes. Internet, at present is easily available at a low cost. This encourages the common people to start a VoIP business. According to a research by Strategy Analytics, 44% of the world population will own smartphones in 2017 and to 59% by 2022. This huge increase in smartphone users will introduce more people to the world of VoIP technology. With the increase in VoIP users, the VoIP industry requires more VoIP Service Providers to cater to the huge base of customers. Reseller VoIP business is the one to bring the latest VoIP Services to the end users or consumers.

Reseller VoIP

The main focus of the VoIP industry is to provide the latest mode of communication. But along with this it also creates the job as well as business opportunities. At the beginning in the VoIP industry, one can start with the Reseller VoIP business. The Reseller VoIP business deals with the re-selling of VoIP Services. In this form of VoIP business, the Reseller obtains the VoIP Services from a reliable and established VoIP Service Provider, like INAANI, REVE Systems and Songbird Telecom Limited etc. Thereafter the reseller keeps a marginal profit for himself and resells the VoIP Services further. The profit in this business arises from the difference in the buying and selling price of the VoIP Services. When the reseller gains sub resellers under him, he can provide services and manage his sub resellers from his master-reseller panel.

The Reseller VoIP business requires minimal investment. This risk-free VoIP business suits the young entrepreneurs, small businessmen and start-up companies with a limited amount. Many people initially start the reseller VoIP business as a second business option to earn some extra cash. But after seeing the profit amount that this business generates, most of them chose to make it a full-time profession.

5 steps to start the Reseller VoIP Business

Here are 5 steps in which you can begin your Reseller VoIP business:


  1. Search For VoIP Providers

To begin with any VoIP business, the first thing you need to know the VoIP technology and the VoIP industry itself. This basic knowledge will help a lot in your business dealings. In the VoIP industry, there are many technical terms which refer to the component of the VoIP system. A beforehand knowledge will help you to choose the components you need. You can get some more information on VoIP technology from here.

After you get some basic ideas about the VoIP industry, you need to look for a reliable VoIP Service Provider. There are many VoIP Service Providers around the world but you need to be aware of the VoIP frauds.

Choose a Service Provider with at least 5 years of experience in the VoIP industry. Reliability and trust increases with the number of years a Service Provider provides for in the VoIP industry. A progressive VoIP Service Provider adds to the growth of your business.


  1. Check and Compare

When you chose a VoIP Service Provider, you need to check what services your VoIP Provider offers you. You also need to go through the details of all the terms and conditions of the service. This is to prevent any chances of loses in future. You can also talk to the representatives of the service provider directly through their official website or via calls. This will help to clear any further query.

It is also advisable that you compare the services your VoIP Provider offers to the other Providers in the VoIP industry. Comparison gives you a clear idea of the average industry rates. This will help you to notice any abnormally low or high rates. This abnormality usually points out any chances of VoIP frauds. To know some more tips on how you can detect a VoIP fraud check here: 10 Tips to Avoid Fraud Companies in VoIP Business


  1. Try the Demo

Trying the product demo is a must. Before you make your payment, do try the product demo. The demo gives you an overview of what service your provider offers. This part is also important as it serves as a quality check for the service. If the services are satisfactory, you can proceed further to the next step.


  1. Check for Panel Security

Payment modes for your Reseller VoIP business need to be safe and secure. After payment, you will receive the reseller panel. This panel is through what you can manage your Reseller VoIP business. To make sure your panel is secure, you need to check the following:

  • Authentication of the panel
  • Check that the panel server has a Linux base
  • Ensure that the person to contact you is a registered representative of the company
  • Check the bank accounts and the company who owns it
  • PayPal authentic


  1. Add Clients & Start Earning

Reseller panel is through what you control your VoIP business. The last step to start the reseller VoIP business is to add clients and start earning profits. You can take the help of their family and friends to spread the word about the new business. Social media and various other platforms can help in marketing of the Reseller VoIP business.

Reseller VoIP is by far the best business option with a very minimum risk factor. You can know about some of the common mistakes of VoIP business and how to prevent them through here: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Reseller VoIP Business. With a little understanding and dedication in the business, one can earn the great amount of profits from the Reseller VoIP business.



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