How to Start a VoIP Business with Your Own Brand Name

VoIP business is easy to start. Owning a VoIP business under one’s own brand name has multiple benefits and helps the business to prosper further.

VoIP business

VoIP business is one of the most profitable businesses in today’s world. The worldwide increase in VoIP usage contributes to the growth of the VoIP industry.

VoIP is a relatively new technology. VoIP technology offers low cost international or domestic calls.

Apart from the facilities for the end-users or consumers, VoIP industry also creates business opportunities. The range of these opportunities extends for young entrepreneurs to large scale companies.


Business VoIP  

In the VoIP industry, there are various options of VoIP related business. It is better for an entrepreneur or a start-up one to start from Reseller VoIP and grow into Hosted VoIP. VoIP Wholesale business requires prior experience in the VoIP industry to run successfully.

In Reseller VoIP, the VoIP Services of a particular VoIP Service Provider are resold to other resellers or to end-users. It requires minimal investment and is risk-free. Through Hosted VoIP requires a bit more investment, it has a lot more to offer.


White-label Branding

Hosted VoIP business is more independent in nature. Hosted VoIP gives one the option of naming their VoIP business after their own brand name. Commonly known as white-label branding.

White labelling enables one to brand their VoIP business. This process saves time and production cost. Also, this cuts out the hassle of setup.

A vast range of option is available in the VoIP industry to choose from. Competitive prices of products give a way to get the best one according to requirements


White-label Hosted VoIP Business

Hosted VoIP business is profitable in itself. But the option of white-label takes it one level further. To own a VoIP business with one’s own brand name helps in the growth of the business.

Here are 5 steps to start a White-label VoIP hosted business:

Find a reliable VoIP Service Provider

To start any VoIP business, the first thing to do is to find a trustworthy VoIP Service Provider. The increasing number of VoIP frauds is a constant threat. This is necessary to prevent any problems in the VoIP business later. You can read more about VoIP frauds here: 10 Tips to Avoid Fraud Companies in VoIP.

A reliable VoIP Provider will not only provide genuine service but also offer additional benefits. Established VoIP PRoviders offer efficient support and help the business to progress well. Therefore, selecting a proper service provider is crucial.


Know your requirements

One needs to have a clear idea of the requirements of the VoIP call business. Hence, one needs to consider the following questions. How large is the client or the customer base? What is the rough estimate of concurrent calls that one needs? How many dialers does one want to keep?

A clear idea about the requirements will help one in choosing the service and all the related details. For example the limit of concurrent calls you require. You need an estimate and thereafter select accordingly.


Payment option

After choosing the VoIP Service Provider and checking the offers and services, comes the payment part. A service provider who has easy payment options, accessible from anywhere in the world is better.

Online payment systems like PayPal are highly popular. Therefore every businessman should choose according to their convenience. Further, it is necessary to ensure security for all the payments.



Customization is one of the most important features of the hosted VoIP Service. It is this feature of customization that makes the hosted VoIP service unique. To choose the options for customization one has to go through the requirements first. To knoe more about Mobile Dialer customization check here: 5 Benefits of Mobile Dialer Customization in Hosted VoIP

Brand logo, name of the mobile dialer (the brand name), the user interface of the dialer are able for customization. In addition to this one can also add multiple dialers. To know the top mobile dialers check here: Top 6 Mobile Dialers for VoIP.


Add routes and customers

Some VoIP Service Providers give some routes by default. In Hosted VoIP business one needs to add routes before adding clients. After routes, it is time to add the clients. Thereafter, the business setup is complete.

Marketing is the final step. For this one can take the help of social media, various online platforms as well as spread the news via friends and family.


A VoIP hosted business with one’s own brand name helps one to establish the business firmly. VoIP offers real-time communication at a much lower price, therefore, more people prefer it. The demand for VoIP technology is on the rise. Efficient management and marketing of the VoIP business can make it successful.

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