How to start a VoIP business with $100

VoIP Business

VoIP business is experiencing tremendous growth worldwide. The demand for VoIP technology is increasing around the world. This, in turn, is opening new opportunities for people to start their own VoIP business. According to Marketsudy report, VoIP Market size will reach 55 billion USD by the year 2025.

Bursting the most common misconception, it can be said that VoIP businesses are neither hard to start nor they need huge investment. To understand this you need to understand a bit of the VoIP Business options that you can choose from.

VoIP Businesses can be divided into 2 prime sections: The Retail VoIP business & the Wholesale VoIP Business. Retail VoIP Business includes Reseller VoIP (agent VoIP business), Hosted VoIP, Calling Card business and many other similar ones. While on the other hand, wholesale VoIP is all about bulk transaction of VoIP routes.


Why should you select Reseller VoIP Business?

According to Market survey and statistics from WisdomPlexus, there were 1 billion mobile VoIP users in 2017 and their growth is projected to 3 billion users by 2021. And therefore, due to this huge growth in the user base, the business opportunities are also opening up.

The reason people are turning to VoIP technology is because of the features and the cost of the services. The features are wide-ranged and involve the latest technology and the price for the service is much lower than what the traditional telephone service providers charge.

Here are 5 Important Reasons why Reseller VoIP is a good business option

  • Minimum investment: The investment for the business is very less compared to other businesses.
  • Low-Risk Factor: With less investment, the associated risk factor also goes down, thereby making the Reseller VoIP business a risk free business.
  • No heavy infrastructure or maintenance: Minimal infrastructure required which also cuts down any maintenance charges. All you need is an internet and a device like a laptop or a smartphone or a PC to manage your business.
  • Online business: Reseller VoIP business is an online business. Business management, business transactions all are online, There it gives you the flexibility to start and manage from anywhere on the go.
  • Worldwide client base: With the spread of VoIP technology worldwide, the demand has increased greatly. As all the business functions are online, it enables you to reach a greater client base. That is apart from your local region you can serve clients from all over the world.

If you are already thinking of starting a business or even as a side business, then Reseller VoIP business suits the blank perfectly.


A $100 VoIP Business

Seems unbelievable but it is true. Yes, it is possible to start your Reseller VoIP Business with only $100. For that, you need to know the right VoIP Service Provider.

INAANI, the Singapore based leading VoIP Provider offers you this opportunity. With INAANI Reseller VoIP Program, you can start your business with only $100, the cheapest VoIP Business.

5 Reasons for you to start with INAANI Reseller Program:

  • INAANI offers you the privilege of customizing product package according to YOUR requirements.
  • INAANI’s reseller VoIP program will turn your business as the most preferred one in your area.
  • It requires a minimum investment of $100 and offers master reseller.
  • The INAANI reseller program provides multiple dialers and A to Z routes for your VoIP Business.

In addition to all the above mentioned, INAANI in its Reseller VoIP Program offers round the clock support for any technical issue you face. Safe and secure flexible payment options are available for all transactions including international ones. Credit card, PayPal, Online transfer all options are available.


How to start Reseller VoIP Business

It is really easy to start a VoIP Reseller Business. If you have any prior knowledge regarding VoIP it is an additional bonus. But even if you are not much aware of the finer details, Reseller VoIP is still easy. And therefore it is always better to start with a genuine service provider.

Step 1: VoIP Service Provider Selection

A good VoIP Provider not only eliminates the chances of VoIP Fraud but also guarantees good quality service. Therefore the first step in starting a VoIP business is to choose the right service provider. Usually, long-established reputed service providers are the safest choice, however, you can also select from the recently established ones. Just make sure they are genuine.

To know more about VoIP Frauds check here: 10 Tips to Avoid VoIP Fraud Companies in VoIP


Step 2: Check and compare Services

Check the details of the offer and also compare the service offers by one VoIP Provider with the others in your shortlisted Service Providers. Comparing the service will help to choose the best one. In addition to this, it will also point out if there is an anomaly, like any service provider charging too high.


Step 3: Try the Demo First

Usually, VoIP Service Providers offer free demo for trial before you finalise. Trying the DEMO is a very important part. It offers you to experience the service first hand. And after that, if you are ok with the service, then you can proceed to pay and start.


Step 4: Secure Reseller Panel

Safe and secure payment mode is a must for your Reseller Business. After you pay for the Service you will receive a Reseller Panel. This Panel will help you to manage your Reseller VoIP Business. For more information Reseller business and panel security check here.


Step 5: Add Clients

This is the last step in starting your Reseller business. Therefore add clients and start earning. You can use online platforms and social media to spread your business. Also, try word of mouth with the help of family and friends to get more clients.


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