7 things To Consider Choosing The Best VoIP Gateway

VoIP Gateway helps to increase productiveness in a business communication system. Therefore, a good quality VoIP Gateway is crucial for the growth and development of your VoIP business.


VoIP Gateway


VoIP Gateway is a necessary requirement in wholesale VoIP business as they handle the traffic management and call handling sections of the network. From providing a better alternative to telecommunication to creating multiple job and business opportunity, VoIP industry covers the whole range. Actually, there are mainly two sections of VoIP business, namely retail and wholesale VoIP. Wholesale VoIP business deals with a bulk volume of VoIP Route transaction from call source to call destination. Wholesale VoIP helps in the transmission of the data packets from the originating side of the call to the receiving end. Therefore for a wholesale VoIP business, one needs a clear knowledge of VoIP Routes. Here you can know more about VoIP Routes: Important Facts about VoIP Routes


VoIP Gateway

VoIP Gateway is a device which acts as a bridge between the normal telephone system and VoIP. Some refer to VoIP gateway as a device which performs the required translation for devices on either side to communicate with each other. Without the gateway, VoIP users (people using VoIP network) cannot make or receive calls to and from non-VoIP users with traditional phone system. VoIP Gateways also help to translate between systems using different VoIP protocols. Based on the form they are present, VoIP Gateways are of two categories: pure-software gateway and hardware gateway. Each of these gateways have their own advantages. Here you can read more about VoIP Gateways: Important Facts of VoIP Gateway you Need to Know


Important Points to Remember

For a smoothly functioning VoIP Business, one needs a good quality VoIP Gateway. There are various points to consider while choosing the best VoIP gateway. These points will streamline the needs and show one the options available, thereby helping to choose.

Here are some of the most important points to consider while choosing a VoIP Gateway:


  1. Know your requirements

While choosing the VoIP Gateway, one needs to understand his/her requirement. It is important to have a clear idea of the business needs and also what service providers offer. Simply, here is a list of common cases where one needs a VoIP Gateway.

  • To connect a PSTN line to PBX
  • To connect an analog device to IPBX
  • Soft migration to VoIP Solution. (For soft migration, one needs to connect a traditional PBX and IPBX and PSTN lines to the gateway)
  • To connect a PBX to a SIP trunk


  1. Call Load

To select a VoIP Gateway one has to know the approximate number of incoming and outgoing calls that the users will make at peak time. The VoIP Gateway should be such that it could handle such volume of VoIP Calls going through it. It is also better to add about 20-25% of future growth to the current cc (concurrent calls).


  1. Compatibility & Support

For the gateway to work with the other components of the VoIP System, one has to know which protocols and codecs the VoIP System supports. One needs to ensure that the chosen gateway supports the protocols used by the network’s VoIP system.

In addition to this, the compatibility of the ports on the gateway (in hardware form) and the private branch exchange (PBX) equipment is necessary.


  1. Reliability

A reliable VoIP Service Provider is always better than others. With a reliable VoIP Service Provider, the chances of system failure reduces a lot. As maintaining uptime is critical for the VoIP business, the failure of the main gateway effects the performance adversely.


  1. Configuration & Installation

VoIP Gateways are difficult to configure. It is a time-consuming task. It is better for an expert to configure and install the gateway. Some VoIP Providers may offer configuration and installation along with their services, while others may charge extra for configuration.


  1. Budget

A roughly set budget is best while selecting the VoIP Gateway. As the cost of the VoIP Gateway varies, setting a fixed budget would hamper the selection process. With a fixed budget one prefers cost over quality. This results in an incorrect selection of the VoIP gateway and also over-spending in most cases.


  1. Warranty & Support

The software form of VoIP Gateway requires low maintenance. However, for the hardware form of the gateway, the warranty is important. Here the warranty will help in any cases of breakage or damage.

Also one needs to be sure that the VoIP Service Provider provides proper support to its clients. For any service you choose, a round the clock support is the best.


Therefore, to conclude, one has to select the VoIP Gateway carefully. Choosing a VoIP Gateway can help your VoIP business to function smoothly, thereby giving you good profit returns. And it also can prevent any loses in future due to negligence during the initial stages.


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