Important Things You Need To Know About Mobile VoIP Business

Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP comprises a major part of the VoIP industry. Easy to start and manageable, it attracts many investors who want to venture into the VoIP industry.

Mobile VoIP is one of the most common topics of the VoIP industry at present. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the transmission of voice and multimedia content over the internet or IP. Starting its journey from the late 20th century, the progress of VoIP technology is remarkable.

Bringing together the technology of internet protocol and the traditional telephony, VoIP stands apart from the rest. VoIP Technology uses codecs to transform the audio signals into data packets. Thereafter, the transmission of these packets takes place across an IP network. And, at the end of the connection, the packets transform back into the audio signals for the recipient to hear.

VoIP eliminates the need for a circuit-switched network. In due course, it reduces network infrastructure cost. It also enables providers to deliver voice over their broadband or private networks. Therefore, due to multiple benefits both in infrastructure and as a product as well, VoIP gains rapid popularity.


What is Mobile VoIP?

This part of VoIP technology deals with voice-oriented services through a mobile phone. The transmission of voice over IP networks and the other services take place via a mobile handset. In simple words, the usage of VoIP services through a mobile device is mobile VoIP.

In mobile VoIP, mobile phone users need to download a VoIP Service provider’s software to their smartphone. This application enables VoIP calling from that device. In the VoIP industry, the common reference to the application is VoIP dialer.

Dialers for both mobile and PC users are available mobile dialer and PC dialer respectively. One needs to configure the dialer and complete the one-time registration. Registration requires the input of operator code, pin, and password. Thereafter, one can make VoIP Calls worldwide as long as there is an internet connection on the dialling end.

Desktop VoIP through PC restricts mobility. It is difficult to move around with a PC and make or receive calls at any time one wants. The drastic rise of mobile phone users throughout the world helps to popularise mobile VoIP.

Offering the feature of mobility, mobile VoIP plays an important role in the communication of today’s world. All users especially travellers and business people find this VoIP feature most useful because with this one can make or receive calls on the go. This, therefore, enables one to remain connected all throughout.


Features of Mobile VoIP

Some of the prominent features are:


Mobile VoIP is portable. The feature of mobility makes it a choice for people who need to remain connected even while travelling.


It is available throughout the world. The minimal requirements enable one to operate this from anywhere in the world.


The main requirements for mobile VoIP is an internet connection and a mobile dialer. Majority of mobile dialers support multiple operating systems of smartphones and desktop devices. This, therefore helps people to choose mobile dialers without worrying about compatibility issues.


Mobile VoIP is first and foremost user-friendly. Download the dialer, complete the registration and one can start calling.


Most of the mobile VoIP Services are free for basic usages. Numerous features are available in here, which traditional phone system lacks.


Global Status of Mobile VoIP

VoIP industry is one of the most profitable industries in today’s world.

The Mobile VoIP grows because of 2 prime factors:

  1. The underlying technologies and network,
  2. The demand of the users.

Technologies which support mobile VoIP like internet connections are easily available. And therefore, with a widespread internet connection, it is accessible to more people. 3G/4G subscriptions amount to 91.6% in the US and 26.6% globally. According to Analysis Mason, 20% of smartphone users already use mobile VoIP. As the Grand View Research, Inc. suggests the global mobile VoIP market expects to reach USD 145.76 billion by 2024.

The competition in the mobile VoIP market is very steep. This profitable business attracts many entrepreneurs. The new service providers focus to increase their market presence. Therefore they offer low-cost service enabling the use of Internet-based communications.

The dependence of mobile VoIP on internet connections is the only reason behind its slow growth. In the present day with the internet connectivity of much better quality, mobile VoIP is the prime choice. At present, the European VoIP industry is the largest. However, the fastest-growing region is Asia-Pacific. This region has CAGR of over 23% from 2016 to 2024.


How to Start a Mobile VoIP Business

Mobile VoIP is one of the retail business of the VoIP industry. And a profitable business of this type surely attracts many investors.

Here are the following steps to start this VoIP business:

Step 1: Setting up the infrastructure and applications

The main requirement is the Softswitch. It controls all transactions, customer records, call routing and invoice, billing, report generation in both pre-paid and post-paid business model.

Bandwidth optimization and tunnelling software come next. This helps in places where internet connection is poor and in areas with VoIP blockages. One also needs the server and a constant power supply to ensure 24X7 service.

Belonging to the retail business category service providers need to purchase the following software: mobile dialers, PC dialers, and calling cards.


Step 2: Website & Payment Gateway

In order to provide services efficiently, one needs to provide a fully functional website with payment options like Credit Cards, PayPal etc.


Step 3: Interconnection with terminating carriers

To terminate calls it is necessary to interconnect with multiple carriers all around the world. One needs to choose the carriers based on their market reputation and quality. It is also important to check the quality during the interconnection tests.


Step 4: Gain customer and provide customer support

Once the set up of infrastructure is complete, one needs to find customers. Both online and offline advertisements help in this.

For global customers, one needs to ensure 24×7 customer service to assist them at any time they need.



Therefore if you want to start this VoIP business, then it is the right time to do so. All you need is to find a reliable VoIP Service Provider and get started. To know more about Mobile VoIP business check here: Mobile VoIP business – a new emerging business for Young Entrepreneurs 

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