Important Things You Need To Know About Calling Cards

Calling Cards

Important things you need to know about Calling Cards

Calling cards are one of the best means to make low cost international or other long distance calls. It is ideal for people staying overseas or travelling internationally. Through their simple call process, calling cards save the hassle of complicated international calling.

Calling card is the type of telecommunication credit card which a consumer uses to pay for telephone and other associated services. The invention of VoIP technology was a huge leap for the telecommunication industry. The combination of internet and telephone results in the IP Telephony or in other words VoIP. While IP Telephony is a broad term, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol focuses on the voice or the calling feature of this technology. The main reason behind the popularity of the VoIP Technology is the low call charge both for international and domestic calls. Calling cards however do not relate to the VoIP technology directly. One can describe calling cards as a way of purchasing telecommunication services on pre-paid, post-paid or other basis. In general, calling cards use any kind of telephone technology. VoIP Calling cards refer to those calling cards which uses VoIP Technology for functioning.

Calling Card & its Workings

Therefore calling cards provide a way of making long distance calls (both domestic and international). Although VoIP calling cards are usually pre-paid, other types of calling cards are also available. Calling card is a good way to save money on calls. Calling card users connect to their pre-paid account with VoIP Provider. Then they use that network to make low cost calls over the internet. Choosing VoIP technology over the PSTN or regular cellular network helps to cut down the costs.

The working of a calling card is simple. Each card has a local access number. The cards also have a ‘PIN’ or account number. While majority of calling cards work from any phone some cards are the suitable for a particular operating system. Therefore it is necessary to choose a calling card which is compatible with multiple platforms like Symbian, IOS and Android thereby ensuring uninterrupted calling.

Here are the 3 steps in which one can begin to make calls with a calling card:

Firstly, download a dialer. Mobile dialers are easily available in the app store or its equivalent in the phone.

Secondly, registration. For registration, one has to input the pin and password given in the card.

Thirdly, start calling.

Types of Calling Card

Calling cards have different name. Phone cards, phone calling cards, VoIP Calling cards are some of the common ones in use. In market, several types of VoIP Calling cards are available. One needs to understand the various types of calling card in order to choose according to your necessity.

Here are some of the types of calling card:

  1. Pre-paid Calling Card:

Similar to other pre-paid services, there is a fixed credit amount on the card. The card is usable till the credit amount is over. Once the balance is over, one has to either recharge the card or discard it.

  1. Post-paid Calling Card:

Post-paid calling cards or phone cards have the same features as that of the pre-paid cards. But there are no regular decrease in the account balance. The call bills are on per call basis and the user receives a monthly bill.

  1. Rechargeable Calling card:

As the name suggests, one can recharge these cards after utilization of the complete minutes or the credit amount available in the card. For this type of card, the service provider provides the option to recharge the calling card. One can recharge these cards over the internet or over the counter by paying in cash or card.

  1. Virtual Calling card:

Here the card is available virtually and has no physical presence. For these cards, the consumer receives the PIN through email. While purchasing this card, the buyer receives the complete information on card use and balance check process on their mail. The service providers also include support details to assist the customers for further help.

Benefits of Calling Card

Mainly beneficial for long distance and international calls, calling card is popular for the multiple benefits they offer.

Here are some of the benefits of a calling card:

  1. Minimal Call Rates:

The use of VoIP Technology for calling purposes lowers the call cost. But with the use of a calling card, it is possible to lower the cost further. Calling card helps to save approximately 95% of the international call cost.

  1. Multiple device compatibility:

Most calling card is compatible with the operating platforms of various phones. Therefore, the compatibility of the calling cards, helps one to continue using the device and present unnecessary trouble of changing the device.

  1. Ideal for travel and vacations:

Calling card comes handy when one travels internationally or on a vacation away from home. This helps one to stay connected irrespective of any place along with saving call charges.

Therefore, calling cards prove themselves to be an agent of cost saving while making international calls. However calling cards are not only a consumer end based product. One can also start a business with calling cards. And market survey shows the calling cards business is both growing fast and profitable.

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