Top 8 Features of VoIP Technology

VoIP Technology is the revolutionised form of traditional forms of telecommunication. And therefore, it brings to us some of the best features which were previously unheard of. This features not only make the technology better but also broadens the choices available to the users.

VoIP Technology

VoIP Technology is one of the most useful technologies in this 21st century. Starting its journey from the late 20th century, this technology has come a long way.  And its evolution is also remarkable. This technology is the most used or the most important one for all communication purposes of the present day. An offshoot or the technically advanced form of the telecommunication, VoIP is faster and has many features than its counterparts. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, Though Internet Telephony is a broad term, and it at times is synonymous to VoIP. What makes VoIP different from the age-old PSTN is the form of the network it uses. While PSTN uses circuit switched network, VoIP uses the packet switched network. In plain words, VoIP Technology uses the internet to make or receive calls.



VoIP Call

VoIP Call is the easiest and most convenient way to make any calls to local as well as international destinations. The usage of internet protocol for call transmission is the reason behind the low-cost factor. While all the call charges of the traditional telecom service providers are high, VoIP Calls, on the other hand, cost a fraction of the former one. And at times, meeting the required conditions, one can make VoIP Calls for free. Free VoIP Calls are available for mostly app-to-app calls. The primary requirements being the internet connection and the application or the app or mobile dialer on both ends of the call. And if calls are made using VoIP credit, then internet connection and dialer are necessary only on the dialling end. To more about the details of VoIP calls check here: End to end working of VoIP Call



The Best Features

The process of technological advancement is a continuous one. And coming to the present day, the progress of VoIP Technology is praiseworthy. The evolution of its features aims at making this technology more user-friendly. It is the features that make this technology a popular choice amongst everyone.

Therefore, here are some of the best and unique features of the VoIP Technology:



Hosted Cloud PBX

Hosted PBX is a telephone exchange system which a third party service provider builds, delivers and manages. Belonging to the VoIP Technology, Hosted PBX is provisioned and accessed entirely through the internet. Cloud is the best place for data storage. Virtual Hosting or cloud Hosting saves manual labour of storing data and this data is accessible from anywhere as it remains on the internet. This feature further helps companies and businesses to make adjustments as necessary.



UC Collaboration

UC stands for Unified Communication. Unified Communication refers to a phone system that unifies multiple communication methods within a business. With the help of WebRTC, the merging of VoIP and UC services into viable apps act as a replacement of email. WebRTC is an open source technology that World Wide Web Consortium developed. These apps use the features of VoIP Technology and UC and bring out features like chat, instant messaging, video conferencing and lot more. These apps are also helpful for internal company communications.



Integration with Cloud & Cloud-based Tools

Cloud is an important part of the technical world. Cloud makes it possible for various platforms to integrate with each other. Because of the Cloud-based platforms, and tools and products utilizing APIs, integration of VoIP is possible with numerous other systems. The integration of VoIP Technology with the cloud improves company-client communication and also increases the efficiency of the customer support system.



Integration with IOT

According to Wikipedia, IOT or Internet of Things refers to the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity and the communication that occurs between these objects and other internet-enabled devices and systems. As IOT and VoIP work on the same standard Internet Protocol, this makes the integration of both possible. Integration of VoIP with IOT is useful for auto-dialling a phone number in an emergency, controlling IOT devices via analogue phone and monitoring smart objects via VoIP phone.



“Find Me” or “Follow Me”

Using this term, Service Providers denote the following feature where users can simply add a list of numbers for people to reach them. All the numbers can ring simultaneously or one after the other so that the caller can reach the user. This feature helps one to connect the user irrespective of the location or the device. Further, this feature when combined with call screening, it ensures that only specific numbers reach particular devices which are important. Also at other times, when all the phones ring simultaneously, then the user can answer it using the device closest to them.




The term auto-attendant in telephone describes a voice menu system that transfers callers to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. As a feature of VoIP Technology, auto attendant enabled systems to handle call management effectively and reduces the costs of call processing. This feature helps one to create their own custom greetings depending on the caller and the time of the call.



Monitor, Whisper & Barge

Call centres and similar sectors are the ones who use these 3 features mostly.

“Monitor” lets a third party usually a supervisor to silently monitor a two-party call made or answered by a PBX user(the agent) on the conversation with an external party or the customer. Here the PBX user and the other party are unaware of being monitored. The feature of “Whisper” lets a supervisor silently monitoring a call, to privately speak to the agent without the customer hearing the discussion. This is one directional audio feature which helps in problem-solving in a better way. The last feature, “Barge” is where the silent monitor joins the call and it becomes a conference call where everyone can speak to and hear each other.



VoIP Call Features

VoIP Calls are the most known part of VoIP Technology. These are important for both individuals for personal use or for various sectors for business purposes. These are convenient and cost-effective compared to other available alternatives. Though the other features of VoIP Technology also relate to call, there are other features too which are exclusive for VoIP Calls. You can check here to know more about the reason behind the popularity of VoIP Calls: 6 Reasons Behind The Rising Popularity of VoIP Call

They are: 3-Way Calling, Call waiting and transfer, redial, caller ID, Call forward, web-integrated voice mail, an attachment containing caller’s message to mail and sent to any computer.



In conclusion, VoIP Technology is truly unique. And it is going to improve further in future. There are many places in this world where there are VoIP Blockages due to numerous factors. Also, there are areas which are technologically backward. Overcoming these and many other issues in its path would help VoIP to truly become a worldwide phenomenon.


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