Importance of Tunnelling Protocol in Mobile Dialer

mobile dialer

Mobile Dialer is necessary for both end users as well as business purposes in the VoIP industry. It is the main component which enables VoIP calling from any mobile device. And therefore a good quality dialer is one of the basic requirements.

Mobile Dialer is a VoIP application. It is the softphone that enables VoIP Calling from mobile phones. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the latest advancements made in the field of telecommunication. With VoIP technology, one is able to make long distance calls at a very low rate. In today’s world, trends show that people prefer VoIP technology over other available alternatives. This is because VoIP Calls are easy to make and costs much less. Mobile dialer and internet connection are the necessary requirements.


VoIP Calls

VoIP dialers are an important part of the industry. It is useful for both personal usages as well as for business purposes. To start using a mobile dialer, the 2 steps are firstly to download the dialer and secondly to register with the necessary information to form an account and start calling. With mobile dialers one can make free calls via app-to-app calling feature. Calls to GSM numbers or landlines are also possible. These calls are however chargeable. But even then the call cost is negligible as compared to the traditional PSTN charges.


Mobile Dialer for VoIP Business

On the other hand, VoIP businesses like Reseller VoIP and Hosted VoIP require mobile dialer. Good quality dialer helps the VoIP business to prosper. Dialers with multiple destinations calling facilities to generate more profits. There are many regions around the world where there are VoIP blockages. And it is for these blocked regions that the service providers need something extra. And therefore comes the tunneling software.

The first impression of a client or customer about one’s VoIP business depends on the quality of the dialer. Hence it is important for a VoIP Service Provider, to present dialers which are good in terms of both quality and user interference. Mobile dialer which is user friendly with fresh user interface attracts more users. Also, various VoIP businesses require multiple dialers to function smoothly. To know more about the function of mobile dialer in VoIP Business check here: Importance Of Mobile Dialer In The VoIP Industry Or VoIP Market


Tunneling Protocol

Tunneling Protocol is that which allows an internet service that the underlying network does not support or provide directly. VoIP Service Providers provide the tunneling for an encrypted VoIP Call that connects to any VoIP Service. The encryption protects the privacy of the users in addition to ensuring that no third party could block the VoIP traffic.


Need for tunneling software

VoIP blockages are present all over the world. The most common method to block VoIP is to block the ports that the system needs to operate. Therefore the most common reasons behind the requirement of the tunneling software are as follows:

  1. The VoIP blockages due to the monopoly of the telecom companies. These companies thereby blocking VoIP make the consumer use the local phone system.
  2. VoIP Blockages by governments are because it is not possible to track encrypted VoIP connections. And therefore irrespective of its nature, they block all VoIP.
  3. Small-scale VoIP blocking is also prevalent in many places for instance in certain hotels. These places block VoIP ports and therefore, in turn, the guests would have to use their chargeable telephone service.


Workings of Tunnelling Protocol

VoIP Tunnelling can bypass firewalls with the configuration to block VoIP calls. VoIP tunnel encodes and decodes data packets sent and received through the tunnel. The tunneling protocol works by using the data portion of a packet to carry the packets that actually provide the service. Tunnelling uses a layered protocol model such as those of the OSI or TCP/IP protocol suite, but usually violates the layering when using the payload to carry a service not normally provided by the network. Typically, the delivery protocol operates at an equal or higher level in the layered model than the payload protocol.
VoIP Tunneling Benefits

Mobile Dialer which has inbuilt tunneling technology has an upper hand for both individual uses as well as for business purposes. When mobile dialers have inbuilt tunneling software, it enables an individual to make calls irrespective of all the blockages. In addition to its primary property, this software also reduces bandwidth consumption. This, in turn, helps users to make VoIP Calls in areas with low network connectivity.

As for business purposes, mobile dialers equipped with tunneling software can provide services to all regions around the world. And therefore with multiple destinations, a service provider can cater to more clients or customers thereby generating more profit.

To know more about various details of VoIP Technology and VoIP industry check here.


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