Various Uses & Future Prospects of IP Telephony

IP Telephony is one of the new generation technology. Its bright future prospects and the latest features are helpful for many businesses. It presents a better alternative to the traditional systems and thus increases productivity.



IP Telephony


IP Telephony presents a combined technology of the internet and telephonic communications. The other terms of internet telephony in common use are broadband telephony, broadband phone services or VoIP. There is a slight difference between the terms IP Telephony and VoIP. But most of the times the terms IP Telephony and VoIP are synonyms to each other. Their main difference lies in the wide range of services they cover. But in the end, they refer to the same technology.


IP Telephony

The origin of IP Telephony or VoIP goes back to 1995 with the company VocalTec. This company introduced the first internet phone. It took a few more years and after 1998, Internet Telephony started growing steadily. It was at this time that the business enthusiasts, start-ups, and entrepreneurs saw IP Telephony or VoIP as a potential field to invest in. In today’s world, it is highly popular. This is because of the flexibility and the low-cost international calls. Here you can read more about it in details: IP Telephony – The Advanced Form Of Communications


Prime Benefits of IP Telephony in Businesses


IP Telephony presents a lot of advantages. Among them, the key point is the reduction in call charges. Therefore it is natural for the various corporate and governmental sectors to take up VoIP Telephony.

Here is how IP Telephony helps to improve one’s business:

  1. Calls

For any business, calls are the most important part of communication. And to run the business successfully, a good connectivity is a must. The faster connectivity of internet telephony helps to increase productivity and timely decision making.

IP Telephony offers features like use of a single phone number across multiple devices. This frees the other lines for other purposes. This helps to increase the efficiency of individual employees to multitask in different departments while the incoming calls reach one destination.

It also cuts down the need for installing extra telephone lines. IP Telephony lowers the production cost further with its low maintenance feature.


  1. Messages

Instant messaging is one of the most common tools that nearly all businesses use in this 21st century. To improve communication, companies make use of the real-time chat and messaging. This helps in connecting the employees from anywhere and hold discussions with multiple people.


  1. Conferences

While instant messaging helps to converse or pass on information to all at a time, the audio-video conference feature of IP Telephony brings them to a much clearer understanding. This helps to increase productivity and improves the relationship between the employees as well as the company and the clients.

The audio-visual conferencing is especially beneficial for multinational companies with offices spread all over the world. The face to face discussions helps to cut out the unnecessary traveling time and costs of the entire trips.


  1. Customer Services

The growth of any business also depends on the client’s experience. Bad experiences and reviews can affect the business reputation adversely. Thus good services and even better relationship with clients and customers are important. An efficiently managed system for making and receiving calls, reporting and solving queries will improve the business record as IP Telephony connects calls faster.


  1. Flexibility, Mobility & Scalability

With time every other business needs to undergo some or the other changes. IP Telephony offers all the three requirements of flexibility, mobility, and scalability together. To remain connected on-the-go, in between traveling, while working from remote locations, it provides the facility to remain connected always. It allows multiple devices like PC, mobile phones to manage accounts, access data and thus aid in one’s business. It also offers the feature to scale up or down one’s system according to the needs of the business. Internet Telephony makes it possible to make necessary additions and thus expand the business when required.


Future Prospects of IP Telephony


Firstly there was the invention of the telephone. Next came the internet. And after further developments, we received IP Telephony. So there is a constant evolution of technology. And with each development communication get easier, faster and overall better. There are several trends which come and go. To know about the VoIP trends of 2017, check here: 7 Latest Trends that VoIP Service Providers Must Follow

The future prospects of IP Telephony or VoIP are much better than previous years. Even though IP Telephony or VoIP is hugely popular, there are many places around the world where this is still unheard of. This gives IP Telephony the chance to expand more, create jobs as well as business opportunities.

To categorize it region wise, Latin America shows the fastest growing market. Europe comes next. The growth in the European market of it is due to the introduction of a large number of small and medium sized ventures. When we explore the prospects of this in terms of individual user and corporate user the following result comes out. The segment of an individual user is the faster growing of the two.


IP Telephony is a step into the future. A business dealing with this system itself is highly profitable. Due to its rapidly growing and beneficial future prospects, it is the foremost choice of the business sector today.

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