Importance Of Server Security In VoIP Business

VoIP Servers are an essential part of the VoIP business. The security of VoIP Servers is a priority because it means protecting valuable data as well as preventing loses.


VoIP business


VoIP Server is a necessity for various VoIP businesses. VoIP industry is relatively young and VoIP business options are profitable. Aging back a few decades, VoIP technology presents to us, the cheapest means of communication. The traditional telephone call charges are much higher for international destination. Here VoIP comes to the rescue. Through VoIP one can make low cost international calls throughout the world. The VoIP Service Providers are the ones who provides the VoIP Services. As the demand for the VoIP Services increases, the need for VoIP Service Providers arises. Thus today’s entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts find the VoIP industry a good place to invest in. There are variety of options to choose from. People who want to start a VoIP business should have clear idea about the VoIP industry before starting their ventures.


VoIP Servers

VoIP Server helps in the functioning of the internet based telephone system or VoIP phone system. The VoIP Server is the part of the VoIP phone system which helps in data processing and also answers the incoming requests of the clients. The VoIP Server has a huge memory and storage. It stores data and hardware resources like printers, storage devices and processors accessible from other computers. Here you can know more about VoIP Servers: Things Must Know about VoIP Server

We usually find VoIP Servers in two forms: hardware and software. In its software form, the VoIP Server is easy to operate and thus saves the maintenance cost. But this also makes it vulnerable. As a software, the VoIP Server becomes open to many cyber threats and VoIP frauds. The cases of VoIP frauds and attacks are on constant rise. Therefore proper security is the foremost requirement in any business one starts in VoIP industry. Here you can also know more on how to avoid fraud companies in VoIP Business: 10 Tips to Avoid Fraud Companies in VoIP Business


VoIP Server Security

As the VoIP server is the storehouse of all the valuable data, one needs to ensure total security. Breach into the server can cause hackers and other attackers to gain sensitive business information. VoIP Servers both in their respective software and hardware forms have their own set of security measures.

Some of the common threats to the server are as follows:

  • Brute Force Attack

In the Brute Force attack the trespasser tries to gain access to the server. The attackers try to guess the password through various systems which are active and running on the system. The intruder tries every possible combination (usually with the help of some software) till it hits the right password.

Solution: Use software which can detect the attack and you can prevent any further damage.

  • Unknown emails

Threats from emails are of two types:-

Usage of the server to send mail may give access to the servers using open relay. Due to this the server is thereafter placed on the DNS blacklist.

The other type of threat from email is where attackers send the infected mails which can corrupt the system and cause damages.

Solution: Close the open relay which causes the DNS blacklist and do not open suspicious mails.

  • Botnets

Another of the common threat is botnet. Attackers use botnet to automatically run and distribute harmful software on servers. Here the infected one spreads the infection to others. As this is automatic process, botnets spread speedily. One can find this type of attacks through spam campaigns.

Solution: A good firewall helps but there is no guarantee. You can always follow the regular protection measures to prevent it to the possible extent.

  • DOS

Denial of Service or DOS is a trick that the attackers use to cut ones access to his own site. In this type of attack the hacker increases the traffic on the site to such an extent that the server becomes unresponsive.

Solution: Pre-determination of this attack is unavailable. So it is better to ensure the regular security measures to protect your system.

  • Malware

There are many forms of malware. They exist in forms of viruses, bots, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits and many other software.

Solution: To prevent malware from spreading one needs to implement proper firewall and security software protection.


Some More Preventive Measures

While the hackers and attackers look for any chance, it is your turn to ensure that your VoIP Server is secure. The common but effective measures that are applicable for all are:

  • Password

The password should be strong. A combination of alphanumeric and special characters is the best. One also needs to change it frequently and avoid using easy guesses like birthdays, names and other similar forms. And also one needs to avoid sharing passwords with anyone.

  • Double Protection

To ensure double protection, many VoIP Service Providers offer 2 step verification and OTP devices. An additional security may prove useful in this age.

  • Secured operating platform

It is always better to work on the Server from one’s own personalized system. When working from any local system, the incognito mode is the best platform to operate from.

  • Timely updates

Keeping the firewall up-to-date is a must and allow the constantly used IPs only.

As VoIP business is profitable, attackers make this their target. One needs to protect their VoIP Servers to continue their VoIP business smoothly.

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