Importance of VoIP Technology for Team Work in Organisations

VoIP Technology has revolutionised the whole communication process. It has brought speed and efficiency. In addition to this, there are loads of other features which improves work quality and increases productivity.

VoIP Technology

VoIP Technology at present is one of the most useful technologies. One can find the use of this technology in almost all sectors and business enterprises.

With VoIP, the telecommunication sector achieved new heights. Alongside this, the implementation of VoIP technology is seen in other sectors also. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is growing rapidly. Though this technology is a bit young compared to others, still its progress is remarkable.

The fact which increases the popularity of VoIP is the low-cost factor. This is because VoIP Technology uses a packet-switched network instead of the circuit-switched of the traditional PSTN system. In this, the transmission of voice and other data takes place over the internet.

To know more about the reasons behind the popularity of VoIP Call check here.


Cutting-Edge Features

The main reason behind the fact that VoIP surpasses all its counterparts is because of its features. The features of VoIP are such that they bring all the latest developments to a user’s fingertips. To know more about the latest features check here: Top 8 Features of VoIP Technology

Some of the remarkable features of VoIP technology are as follows

  • UC Collaboration: Unified Communication refers to a phone system that unifies multiple communication methods within a business. Apps with VoIP and UC services use the features of VoIP technology and UC to bring out features like chat, instant messaging, video conferencing and lot more.
  • Integration with IoT: Integration of VOIP with IoT is useful for various times. Auto-dialling a phone number in an emergency. Controlling IoT devices via analogue phone. Monitoring smart objects via VoIP Phone.
  • “Find me” or “Follow Me”: This feature means that users can simply add a list of numbers for people to reach them. This further helps one to connect the user irrespective of the location or device.
  • VoIP Call features: Some important VoIP call features are as follows: 3-Way calling, Call waiting for transfer and redial, Caller ID, Call Forward, and Web-integrated voice mail.


Impact of VoIP on Teamwork

VoIP Technology helps communication in an organisation. It is faster, reliable and helps to increase productivity in organisations. Also due to its numerous features, more things are accessible with minimal effort.

Cloud is one of the major factors. When cloud and VoIP come together it takes work efficiency to a whole new level. With cloud data is accessible at any time from anywhere. And therefore subsequently helping in the workflow of an organisation.

Therefore here are some of the important ways in which VoIP helps with teamwork in an organisation.

Real-Time Communication

Real-time communication or live communication is a very useful and prominent feature of VoIP Technology. This helps in engaging real-time and solving issues at the earliest. It also includes audio-video conferencing.

This feature helps to bring the team together even if the team members are located in different places. Some characteristics of Real-time communication are high speed, low loss rate, low end-to-end delay, and delivery acknowledgement, peer to peer and also cost-effective.


Remote Workforce Inclusion 

With businesses stepping up on the global platform, companies are also looking for offshore talents. They are seeking workers from different locations around the world resulting in the creation of the desired team. As a result, this brings out the best of innovation and creativity. And all this is possible because of VoIP Technology.

With a real-time connection, the remote worker becomes a part of the main hub all the while stationed at some different place. Many times, this also helps small businesses operate at different locations. Instead of setting up an office, they can hire people and use “work from home” effectively. In addition to this, it also helps in reducing production cost on the company’s part.


Maintaining Customer Relationship

A positive relationship with clients results in fruitful partnerships in business. And for this purpose clarity in communication is also necessary. The user-friendly VoIP technology here enables businesses to remain available for customers at any hour.

With flexible working conditions, it is possible for employees to attend calls at home either on PC or mobiles. For any assistance from other sections, the call transfer feature will solve the problem easily.

Reduced wait time and efficient handling of any issue are satisfactory to the customer and hence maintains the reputation of the business.


Scalability and Flexibility

Businesses grow in size. Simultaneously team members increase. With the traditional system, this process would result in the additional cost of hardware and time required for further training. Mobile VoIP is an effective method that helps in this domain.

The feature of scalability enables new members to join the team without any hassle. Online training and guidance for work further help to improve performance. In short addition of new members does not hinder the team and each member can carry out their responsibility effectively.

Flexibility is a big plus point that VoIP brings to small businesses. The feature of flexibility results in a better work-life balance, remote working and flexible hours which brings out the productivity of the team.

VoIP software enables employees to work from home from any location and at any time. The health of the team or team spirit plays a major role in productivity. With lots of freedom in terms of workspace and timing, the team performance progresses rapidly.


Cost Saving & Balanced Workspace

Good team performance is important for any business. And therefore the contribution of each team member is also vital. To put a good team together and a fruitful outcome, one requires resources.

Using VoIP technology results in cost reduction as VoIP usually offers an all-in-one solution. On part of remote workers, as they work from home, it also saves them time and money required for travelling.

VoIP also creates a balanced workspace. It saves time as it is faster. It saves from data breaches as it is secure. And its association with cloud results in accessibility and easy storage of data, thereby reducing workload. All this sums up to create a healthy workspace for the team to thrive.



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