Guide to Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers on How to start Instant Wholesale VoIP Business

Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers

Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers deal in transaction of A-Z VoIP Routes across service providers and carriers. The Wholesale VoIP Service includes various wholesale carriers, service providers and forms a wide network. This part of the VoIP business deals in termination of VoIP Calls in bulk volume. And hence the requirement for such a large network as well as infrastructure.

With the rapid increase in demand for VoIP Services, the expansion of the industry is inevitable. And therefore, as a result, both the retail and the wholesale VoIP markets spread across the world. While retail VoIP business requires a lesser amount to start, on the other hand, wholesale VoIP business requires a bit more experience and investment.

In Wholesale VoIP Termination, there are several levels of Wholesale providers depending on their infrastructure and terminating capacity. The Tier 1 companies at the top with the largest infrastructure. The Tier 2 companies follow closely behind leashing parts of the network and infrastructure from Tier 1 companies. Tier 2 VoIP providers sell the services further.


Issues faced by Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers

The problems that Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers had to face with traditional Wholesale VoIP business prompted many service providers to come out with innovative solutions. And one such solution is IWS or Instant Wholesale Service.

As the name suggests, Instant Wholesale Service or IWS aims to provide an instant solution. Traditional Wholesale VoIP Termination services were rigid in structure and followed detailed procedures. This made the whole process unnecessarily time consuming and also complicated.

The main issue with the traditional wholesale VoIP was the billing and payment structure. Due to the fixed monthly billing date, the wholesale VoIP Termination Providers had to wait for an entire month till the billing date to receive their payment. This, therefore, caused cash related problems as wholesale VoIP business requires cash inputs often.

Hence, to solve this the IWS or the Instant Wholesale Service offers instant payment through a hassle-free process. Wholesale VoIP termination Providers can sign up, make route transactions and on successful completion can request for money withdrawal immediately.


Traditional VoIP Vs Instant VoIP

Here are some of the major and important differences between the traditional Wholesale VoIP and the instant wholesale Service.

Flexible Billing

While traditional Wholesale adheres to fixed monthly billing cycle, IWS offers the exact opposite. With IWS, Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers can withdraw payment at any time they want. In the absence of any fixed billing cycle, ensures that there is continuous cash flow.


Payment Withdrawal

To withdraw payment using IWS, one has to simply put up a request for the same and receive the money in a very short duration. On the other hand, with traditional wholesale, firstly one has to wait for the billing cycle, secondly complete all other procedures and lastly long wait time for payment.


Interconnection Time

For successful VoIP Termination, lesser the interconnection time, better it is. Interconnection in Wholesale VoIP is the connection between 2 or more network providers. While the traditional Wholesale VoIP has an extended interconnection time, on the other hand,  the Instant Wholesale Service completes the interconnection process in 5 minutes only.



In the aspect of paperwork, Instant Wholesale Service is way ahead of the traditional Wholesale VoIP. While the paperwork in traditional wholesale VoIP is time-consuming, lengthy and a repetitive process, on the other hand, IWS is paperless. One time registration at the beginning is all that is necessary for this service.


Automated Process

While Traditional VoIP Wholesale Service calls for manual assistance, the IWS service is a fully automated one. The automated process cuts out any unnecessary delays and simplifies the Route transaction process along with making it error-free. Therefore, the automated process makes IWS much faster than traditional wholesale VoIP.


How to start Instant Wholesale VoIP Business?

Therefore, seeing all the benefits that Instant Wholesale service has over the traditional wholesale VoIP business, it is better to get started right away. The process of getting started with IWS is simple and a fast one.

5 Steps to start Instant Wholesale VoIP Business


Registration & Login

Firstly, you need a service provider. Similar to any other VoIP business, for wholesale business too you need a reliable service provider who will provide you with good quality service and help your business grow. Therefore, search and select your VoIP Service Provider.

After you have selected a provider offering Instant Wholesale Service, the first step is to register online. For this, go to the official website of the selected service provider, fill up the necessary details like name, email, contact information and so on. After the registration is complete, you can log in with your password.


Offer Routes

After login, you can view the options available on the panel. To sell VoIP Routes, you have to offer your routes. Also, in addition to this, if the service provider requires any additional details about your route then you need to input those too.


Routes Validation & Confirmation

Validation is important to prevent any miscalculation or issues from arising in future. After offering the routes, the system checks them thoroughly and confirms the details. Upon successful completion of this step, you can proceed to the next.


Commercial Traffic & Transactions

After route validation is successful and the confirmation process is all complete, you can start commercial traffic. More transactions take place after starting commercial traffic. And as a result, the profit generation also increases simultaneously with the number of transactions.


Instant Payment

With IWS, payments are the best part. After all your route transactions are over successfully, it’s time for you to receive your payment. All payment modes that the IWS service offer are secured. To get your payment immediately, you need to put up a request and will receive your money within a few hours.


INAANI Instant Wholesale Service

Singapore based global VoIP Service Provider INAANI, offers Instant Wholesale Service for all Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers. Therefore, with the Instant Payment facility, IWS makes it much easier for small businesses to continue without facing any cash shortage issues.

Hence, some notable points which make Inaani IWS a good choice for Wholesale VoIP business are:

  • Very less interconnection time
  • Fast, simple paperless process
  • 24X7 support with a dedicated account manager

To know more about Instant Wholesale Service check here.


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