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Hear the healing voice of your loved ones while staying abroad-at an amazingly low cost. Leave behind those annoying call drops, poor voice quality and hefty call charges. XXXX offers you an unmatched calling experience that you have never experienced before.


Top Up Your Mobile Within Seconds.
Run out of balance? Don't worry, Inaani is your friend in need. Recharge your own mobile or gift top up to somebody else in need; with Inaani, you will never face top up issues. Privilege of recharging the mobile number of any network operator in any country and at any time.

Save Call Cost

Inaani offers an app that will surely thrill the chatterbox. This app lets one make calls across the globe; at a fraction of a cost that one would otherwise spend while making regular GSM calls.

Now, don't have to think twice before making a call, saying hi or chatting endless with friends for hours because Inaani is here with the lowest call rates possible for international and local destinations.

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