20 April 2017


Introducing Inaani- A Global VoIP Solution Provider

Inaani Is Offering International VoIP Calling, International Mobile Top Up, VoIP Hosted Service, A To Z Voice Route And MTU Route And Ensures The Platinum Quality Dedicated VoIP Solution To Its Clients.


An eminent leader in the Global VoIP Industry, Inaani is one of the pioneer names of providing the best VoIP Solution. Inaani is a Singapore based company that is holding a prominent position in the International VoIP calling, Mobile Top Up, and VoIP Solution. It has been working as one of the leading VoIP Provider in the communication industry and creating milestones of success in VoIP business.

The success of Inaani is resting on these pillars, which brought Inaani where it is now.


  • Quality

Inaani has always been a quality conscious organization which focuses particularly on maintaining the premium quality service to its clients.

  • Network Quality

It is ensured that the customers enjoy the best network quality and absolutely crystal clear voice quality from Inaani. Inaani network ensures that the users enjoy uninterrupted calling experiences.

  • Constant sales support

Inaani takes pride in 24*7 constant customer support regarding any technical issues of its customers. Every issues are dealt with utmost care and dedication. Therefore, being immediate after sales support, Inaani is capable in offering reliable VoIP Termination Services.

Collaborated with some illustrious telecom companies, such as Singtel, Bharti Airtel, Telekom Malaysia, Deutsche Telekom, Bics and many more, Inaani has been providing the best network quality to its clients.

As a sister concern of the REVE Group, Inaani was formed in 2006 with the initial focus on developing wholesale and retail VoIP service.  Gradually Inaani has turned in to a major VoIP Solution Provider in the VoIP industry.

Inaani is gradually allocating its service globally as a VoIP Service provider, and is one of the preeminent service providers in the present industry. This company is providing the following services to its clients who are residing in every corner of the globe.

  • International VoIP Calling
  • International Mobile Top Up
  • Hosted Service
  • A to Z Voice Route and MTU Route

Inaani covenants with 4 categories of client base –


A business who acquires a certain amount of VoIP Routes from wholesale service providers and then sells it to other resellers. The resellers can sell the routes directly to the end users or they can generate more resellers if they are interested. During the present time, Inaani is providing service to more than 700 resellers all around the world.


The VoIP wholesale is a B2B business model where the clients are the VoIP Service providers. Inaani has established a strong wholesale client base globally which includes over 900 international carriers all over the globe.

Hosting Client

The hosting clients are the VoIP service providers who use Inaani’s softswitch on a rental hosting package. This service do not require any tremendous amount of investment, rather a minimum investment the service providers can avail this service.

End Users

End users are the people who place the VoIP calls worldwide. The calls are placed from their mobiles or desktops generally. The retail service providers are directly involved with the end users as they provide the service to them. There are more than a million end users who are connected with Inaani through different categories of retail service at the present time.

For any further information or media queries, kindly contact:


Chief Operating Officer

Inaani Pte. Ltd.

WCEGA Tower,21 Bukit Batok Crescent, Unit 15- 84,Singapore 658065

Email: bob@inaani.com

Phone: + 65 31586979

Website: https://www.inaani.com/