19 March 2017


INAANI Offers Getting Interconnected Instantly in VoIP Wholesale Business


INAANI, a preeminent VoIP service provider company has launched a new service Instant Wholesale (IWS), designed especially for the user’s convenience in selling routes. IWS is the decisive service for those who have to wait for days to commence their VoIP business. Instant VoIP wholesale business will allow the customers to interconnect within 5 minutes just after completing the registration process.

Importantly, It is a completely automated system which will capacitate the users to avail a service which doesn’t require any paperwork for registration.


About IWS

Instant wholesale is a new service commenced by Inaani which has generated a tremendous amount of possibilities for the VoIP route providers. They will be able to register and get interconnected within a couple of minutes as the entire process does not necessitate any paperwork.

The entire concept of this service is designed for the convenience of the subscribers.

The users will be allowed to sell routes to Inaani just after registering and will be qualified to avail the facilities to withdraw their bill anytime they want. The transactions are efficient and processed via PayPal.

The payment no longer takes days to process; for the convenience of the customers, any request for payment process takes a couple of hours. Furthermore, the transactions can be requested at any time of the day.

The users won’t require any customer manager. AS Inaani is offering 24*7 dedicated customer service for any kind of technical errors.



Inaani is an illustrious telecommunication company spreading it foremost proficiency around the globe. It is a retail and wholesale VoIP service provider company, serving the best possible services to its clients.

Inaani is a part of REVE Group which was established in 2006. The headquarter is in Singapore. It has been collaborating with renowned telecom companies like Singtel, Bharti Airtel, Telekom Malaysia, Bics and much more. Along with that, Inaani offers VoIP Termination services which will enable the subscribers to place low-cost international calls using the internet as the channel. However, Inaani is providing its service to over 40 countries all over the globe, and it is simultaneously spreading its business towards the other countries gradually.

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