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Abiding by its policy to provide nothing but the best, Inaani offers high grade class 4 softswitch. The softswitch offered by Inaani boasts of being versatile enough to impeccably perform all the functions that a VoIP service provider needs to render. Exceptional call management, billing and monitoring are characteristics of our softswitch. Other features of Inaani softswitch includes easy user interface, stability and exceptional routing facility.

Mobile Dialer

Keeping up with its motto of delivering perfection, Inaani provides an array of dialers for customers to choose from.

Mobile dialer provides quick call connection feature and simple to use. ITel mobile dialer express is a mobile dialer that allows users to make long distance VoIP calls from mobile phones. TP dialer is specialized mobile dialer to use in blocked & low bandwidth networks where normal Dialers fail to perform.

PC dialer is desktop based softphone that one can operate from it from pc. PC dialer is a desktop based Softphone for those who don't have phone access. You can access from your home just by having access to a desktop or laptop.

We also offer the facility of getting the dialer branded under clients own brand name.

mobile dialer pc dialer tp dialer iTel mobile dialer express
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Inaani offers an exceptional tunneling solution which is proficient at allowing calls to pass through any internet firewall or blockage by establishing a tunnel between itself and the dialer to bypass any obstruction. The tunneling solution offered by Inaani helps in making smooth VoIP call and also facilitates saving data charges by optimizing bandwidth.

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